February 14, 2014

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day! Second, whether you have a special Valentine or not, we can’t escape the fact that Valentine’s Day is centered on love – now whether that love is for your spouse, partner, child or pet – it’s a day set aside to express your love to the ones you care about most.

But how about your smartphone? Could you really be in love with it? I mean, we carry it with us everywhere. We will drive back home (in traffic) and be late for appointments if we forget it. I mean some of us practically sleep with it (come on, I know it’s under your pillow!).  I recently saw the film where a man starts to fall in love with the voice that speaks to him on his smartphone and it got me thinking about the concept of really being in love with your phone. According to CNN, the film “has raised questions about vocal attraction, the power of sound, and our desire to truly connect in a hyper-connected yet physically removed world.”

For me, technology can be a mixed blessing– it connects us, but at the same time, it disconnects us. Let’s face it, relationships can be somewhat complicated.  Sometimes we get busy and our smartphones and wireless devices are all we have to keep us connected. So I say, embrace it, be in love with your smartphone and don’t forget to tell it how much you love it today and every day!

And just for fun, here are a few apps for the romantic who needs a little help saying "I Love You."

Say I Love You (free in Google Play Store) – This app is perfect for those who need a little help saying those ‘three little words.’  Some people tend to forget getting new gifts or greeting cards due to their busy lives and this app is a perfect complement for those folks who tend to put things off till the last minute.

Love Notes: A Simple Way to Say I Love You ($0.99 in App Store) – with this app you can customize your love note and send directly from your iPhone to your lovers Facebook wall or save for later in your camera roll to send directly as a text.

iWrite: Love Poems ($0.99 in App Store) – Want to send a poem but you’re not a poet? No problem! This apps helps anyone speak the language of love.

Send with love (free in Google Play Store) – Don’t have time to type out how much your lover means to you? Make your life much easier with this one touch "Love You" text messaging application with GPS safe driver feature. You don’t have to fumble around with texting when you are in a hurry or in your car. Just open the app and click "Pick-N-Send" or "Send Random." Making your loved ones day is as simple as that!


Nichole Pichardo is a communications manager for the Wireless Devices team at Sprint. She is based in sunny Southern California and primarily focuses on devices launching from HTC and LG. She is also knowledgeable about Sprint’s mobile broadband devices and service plans. Nichole can be reached at nichole.pichardo@sprint.com.