Recent survey indicates that mobile phones serve as a necessity in today’s society for staying in contact and emergency situations

September 09, 2010

WARREN, N.J. (BUSINESS WIRE), September 09, 2010 - Assurance Wireless is leading the charge in raising awareness of and participation in statewide Lifeline assistance programs by supporting the Federal Communications Commission’s National Lifeline Awareness Week, Sept. 13-19.

Assurance Wireless is a cell phone service from Virgin Mobile that provides a free wireless phone and 200 free minutes of wireless voice service monthly to eligible customers. Lifeline Assistance Programs like Assurance Wireless are crucial to helping people back on their feet by keeping them connected to potential employers, medical providers and child care while cutting down monthly expenses.

Assurance Wireless recently commissioned a survey to learn how and when Americans use their cell phones. Eight out of ten Americans reported feeling dependent on their cell phones and using their mobile phones to stay in contact with family and seek help in case of emergencies. The survey also revealed that adults, regardless of household incomes (ranging from below $25,000 to more than $75,000), are equally as likely to use their mobile phones for employment searches.

“Not surprisingly, the survey found that people across various income levels find cell phones to be an important tool for job hunting, but what many people don’t know is that there are mobile options for them during tough times,” said Grace Boehm, director for Assurance Wireless. “National Lifeline Awareness Week is a great way to build awareness of subsidized cell phone services, like Assurance, that are available to assist in the job hunt.”

In the survey, seven out of ten senior citizens age 65 and older state that a mobile phone is necessary in their everyday lives. In this age group, 76 percent note that they use their mobile phone to stay in contact with family, and a majority (53 percent) stay connected with friends.

“Staying connected to family and having access to better opportunities is what National Lifeline Awareness Week is all about,” said Louis Barajas, My Street money expert. “On ‘My Street’ all across America many families are struggling financially, but with the help of Assurance Wireless there is hope for families to at least stay connected and have hope for a better future.”

In addition to Lifeline Assistance Programs like Assurance Wireless, Barajas offers the following My Street Money Tips to help people get back on their feet during tough financial times:

  1. When thinking about spending money, decide what you NEED versus what you WANT. Find the courage to be responsible when spending money. Be honest when you ask yourself – Do I need it or do I want It?
  2. Don’t spend money when you are emotional. It creates feelings of wanting to buy things impulsively. The financial reaction will create an outcome that you might regret later.
  3. When in need, don’t be embarrassed or prideful to ask for help. There are government and faith-based programs that are there to assist your family with health care, food, staying connected, and saving your home such as Feeding America, Americares, Catholic Relief Services, National Alliance to End Homelessness and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
  4. Be honest and communicate to your family and friends about your current job worries or financial struggles. You might be just one phone call away to helping you find a solution to your worries.

Assurance Wireless is currently available in Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. In addition to a free voice mail account and call waiting, Assurance Wireless provides caller ID and access to 911 in case of an emergency. Beyond the free voice 200 minutes, customers can pay for additional 10-cent-per-minute domestic calling, 10-cent text, e-mail or instant messages, international calling at competitive rates, and more.

Although eligibility varies by state, customers eligible for Assurance Wireless generally include those who participate in Medicaid, Food Stamps/SNAP, Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA/TANF), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Bureau of Indian Affairs Programs (BIA), Federal Public Housing Assistance (Section 8), Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), or the National School Lunch Program’s Free Lunch Program. Customers may also qualify based on low household income.

About Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless, one of Sprint’s prepaid brands, is supported by the Lifeline Assistance program, part of the Low Income Program of the federal Universal Service Fund (USF), which is administered by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), and designed to ensure that quality telecommunications services are available to low-income customers at reasonable and affordable rates. Assurance Wireless uses the Nationwide Sprint Network which reaches more than 275 million people.

To learn more about Assurance Wireless, including eligibility requirements, please call 800-395-2171 or visit Information is available in English and Spanish.

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*PKS Research Partners was commissioned by Sprint/Nextel (Assurance Wireless) to conduct a research project among a nationally representative sample of U.S. adults 25 years or older in order to determine their attitudes toward and usage of mobile phones.


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