By Natalie Papaj
January 06, 2014
As you have probably caught on by now – I love my workouts. They help keep me sane. I was super excited when I learned that Sprint added a Bluetooth® heart rate monitor to its accessory lineup.

I was really looking forward to using it to monitor my heart rates to maximize calories burned during a workout. However, upon receiving the heart rate monitor, the Accountant and I learned we were expecting Baby number 3 due in April (making 3 kids under 3 in our house…did I mention I exercise to stay sane?!) Needless to say, the heart rate monitor took on a new task – how to stay fit while keeping my heart rate at a healthy level for me and Baby.

The unboxing process was fairly easy. I did have a little difficulty inserting the battery. I ended up not using the little O-ring gasket provided, because I couldn’t get it to fit behind the battery cover, but it didn’t seem to affect the performance. It was effortless to sync via Bluetooth, and I was up in running, literally, in less than 5 minutes.

You simply snap the monitor on the strap provided and wear the strap around your chest. I did have difficulty getting a reading on one of my runs, and it was because part of the strap was over my sports bra. You need to make sure the entire strap if flush to your skin.

I liked using the monitor with my RunKeeper App. I loved that I could still track my distance and log my mileage while hearing audible reminders of my current heart rate and target heart rate. It was a great reminder to tell me to slow down and bring my heart rate to a healthy level for the Baby.

This is a really great accessory for any Mommy to be or for anyone hitting the workout circuit as part of the New Year’s resolutions.

Natalie Papaj is a communications manager for the Wireless Devices team at Sprint. Based in Washington, DC, she works primarily with Kyocera and Motorola devices and is well versed in the company’s accessories line-up as well as eco-friendly products and services. Natalie can be reached at