Toe socks, finger puppets and kilts also help spread the word

July 08, 2011

IRVINE, Calif. (BUSINESS WIRE), July 08, 2011 - It is official – customers love Shrinkage, where the longer you stay the less you pay. And to thank its customers, Boost Mobile introduces “Shrinkognition,” an online video series featuring real Boost Mobile employees personally congratulating real customers for reaching their first Shrinkage milestone. Boost Mobile’s Shrinkage plans reward customers who pay on time with lower monthly rates. For every six on-time payments, a customer sees his or her monthly unlimited cost go down by $5 to as low at $35 per month.

Strange, but true – Boost Mobile actually wants its customers to pay less for unlimited nationwide talk, text messaging, Web, email, IM and calls to 411. To prove it, Boost went even more bizarre than usual with this Shrinkognition video series. From helping a cat lady get in touch with her feline side to creating Scottish royalty, each of the online videos gives a unique look into what makes Boost Mobile customers tick.

“We’ve always gone above and beyond to let Boost Mobile customers know that we understand and share their frustrations with wireless,” said Bob Stohrer, vice president-Marketing, Boost Mobile. “In this particular case, we’ve gone beyond simply celebrating their Shrinkage rate reduction. We mean it when we say that customers can ’Be Heard’ with Boost Mobile. ‘Be Heard’ is Boost Mobile’s current advertising campaign tagline, demonstrating the continued focus on listening to our customers and delivering real solutions for wireless pain points.”

The videos can be found on the Boost Mobile YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter and

"I’m just glad everyone has really embraced Shrinkage as a way to save money," said Ryan Rimsnider, one Boost Mobile employee featured in a “Shrinkognition” video. "I’m also glad our customers feel they can be totally honest and open with us about their needs and desires. That’s why we’re here.”

Boost Mobile e-mailed select Monthly Unlimited with Shrinkage customers questionnaires to learn more about them. The e-mail questionnaire included candid answers to personal questions about customers’ bizarre habits and childhood dreams, as well as inventive answers to fantastical questions about their ideal imaginary pets and superpowers. Based on their responses, Boost employees hand-picked equally quirky gifts, like The Crazy Cat Lady Game, for customers like Jill A., whose surprising fact was that she “wants to grow up to be the crazy cat lady.” Or the pillow pal for Heather who is still afraid of the dark with an arm for her to cuddle with when she gets scared.

Boost Mobile Monthly Unlimited with Shrinkage was launched in October 2010 and the first wave of customers are now beginning to enjoy real savings in their monthly wireless expense simply by making on-time payments.

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Boost Mobile, one of Sprint’s prepaid brands and recently recognized by J.D. Power and Associates as “Highest in Customer Satisfaction With Non-Contract Wireless Service,” offers wireless phones and services with no long-term contracts. Boost Mobile redefines value for wireless consumers with its $50 Monthly Unlimited with Shrinkage no-contract service where the longer you stay the less you pay with on-time payments for unlimited voice, text messaging, Web, email, IM and calls to 411. Boost Mobile offers nationwide service on the Nationwide Sprint Network, reaching more than 277 million people, and on the Nextel National Network, reaching more than 278 million people, with no activation or long-distance fees. Boost Mobile offers a selection of quality handsets from Motorola, Sanyo, Research In Motion (RIM) and Samsung, ranging from entry-level to high-end devices available nationwide at nearly 20,000 major retail stores, including Best Buy, RadioShack, Target and Walmart, Sprint retail stores and independent wireless dealer locations. Re-Boost® cards are available at approximately 100,000 locations throughout the United States. Experience Boost Mobile on the Web at MySpace, Facebook and Twitter; and purchase products at


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