August 25, 2010

(BUSINESS WIRE), August 25, 2010 - Common Cents Mobile, one of Sprint’s prepaid brands, is available at participating Walmart locations in Charlotte.


Common Cents Mobile offers no nonsense wireless service with 7¢ minutes that Round Down, not up, and 7¢ text messaging – all without a long-term contract. Powered by the Nationwide Sprint Network, Common Cents Mobile is available at select Walmart locations and online at and

WHAT:   Proving that 7¢ makes sense, Common Cents Mobile is hosting 7¢ appetizers at the Black Bear Saloon, in honor of its 7¢ minutes and 7¢ texts – one of the industry’s greatest value for budget-conscious consumers.


Black Bear Saloon customers can order any appetizer on the menu for only 7¢. Customers will also have the opportunity to win free Common Cents cell phones and accessories from 99.7 The Fox, broadcasting live from the restaurant.

WHERE:   Black Bear Saloon

900 Seaboard Street

Charlotte, NC 28206

WHEN:   Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Before the Boz Scaggs concert

  • Interview a Common Cents Mobile representative
  • Capture customers taking advantage of 7¢ appetizers
  • Capture 99.7 The Fox raffling Common Cents Mobile phones and accessories

Amanda Diaz

Allison & Partners for Common Cents Mobile

(601) 336-6578


Onsite Contact:

Jaclyn Cordova



Allison & Partners for Common Cents Mobile
Amanda Diaz, 601-336-6578
Onsite Contact:
Jaclyn Cordova, 949-254-9045