The Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA) and wireless carriers, including Sprint, have adopted a Voluntary Code for Consumer Information ("Consumer Code") to help consumers better understand what they can expect from their wireless service provider. Early in September of 2003, the CTIA publicly announced the Consumer Code and unveiled the CTIA Seal of Wireless Quality Service to be awarded to wireless carriers who voluntarily adopt the new code.

Through its adoption of the Consumer Code, Sprint is making an important statement about our commitment to our customers and to service quality. While Sprint was already practicing many of the policies outlined in the new code, the awarding of the official seal by CTIA marks Sprint’s voluntary participation in the CTIA Consumer Code program and signifies that the company supports these basic tenets of the Consumer Code:

  • Provide consumers with information to help them make informed choices in selecting wireless service
  • Help ensure that consumers understand their wireless service and rate plans
  • Continue offering wireless services that meet consumers’ needs

View a copy of the full CTIA Consumer Code.