Sprint is decommissioning the Legacy Voice Platform and helping business customers transition to VoIP solutions

June 27, 2017

We are always looking to create more and better ways to connect our customers to the things they care about most. As part of that effort, Sprint is in the process of decommissioning the Legacy Voice Platform, a traditional landline, for business customers and helping them transition to new services.
Telecommunications is one of the fastest-changing industries and new technologies constantly emerge to improve our customer experience. These Legacy voice services are quickly becoming outdated. We believe the best way we can serve our business customers is to focus on the growing demand for new technology VoIP services, which provide more intelligent features and better security at a lower cost.
We remain committed to our Wireline business. It’s the foundation for our Convergence and Cloud product offerings and the backbone of Sprint’s Wireless and Wireline traffic.

This change only impacts wireline business customers that are specifically using wireline business long distance voice services over legacy technology. If you are not sure if this includes your business, a full list of the associated features which will be discontinued are included on our FAQ page.
We will retire the Legacy product as of June 30, 2017. Over the past several months, Sprint representatives have been alerting business customers about this upcoming change and to assist them with a migration plan. Since switching to a new service or a new provider can take time, we want to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruptions to our customers’ businesses.
Many business customers have already made the decision to switch to our VoIP solutions. As a result, they have seen significant savings, experienced enhanced productivity and gained access to collaboration tools. Customers who have not yet transitioned should contact Sprint immediately so we can help you migrate to replacement Sprint or other services.  You may contact Sprint by calling 844-492-4334 or emailing business.customer.care@sprint.com.
For additional information please visit our FAQ page, http://www.sprint.com/landlinebusinessFAQs.