December 03, 2014
The president of a Minnesota truck line has eliminated the paperwork tedium his drivers must endure each day with new powerful Optik 2 tablets from Sprint.  
The nearly 100 truckers who haul freight for Brent Bois’ Calhoun Truck Lines no longer have to sift through and process receipts, proof of delivery documents and time sheets, thanks to the wireless tablets they began using in August.
Although drivers have been relying on the affordable and versatile devices for just three months, Bois is convinced the advice he took from Sprint Business sales rep Mike Haut to begin using the tablets is paying off.
“We’ve significantly simplified and streamlined paperwork,” Bois said. “Document scanning gives us same-day billing, I’ve fewer shipping costs, and we’re burning less gasoline with operators not having to drive to various stations to turn in paperwork.”
Bois and Calhoun Truck Lines have also benefitted from a more engaged and motivated workforce since the tablet arrived. Drivers young and old have rallied behind the increased mobility, texting and emailing features and they like doing business “on-the-move” that they couldn’t do before.   
“Drivers and administrative staff love the simplicity and accuracy the tablets give them – they feel more engaged with what we’re doing and what it takes to be successful,” Bois said. “Who wouldn’t want to remove obstacles and help workers do their jobs better with motivated employees?”
But the 105 Optik 2s and several iPhones and Galaxy S IIIs that Boise procured last summer can only help Calhoun Truck Lines grow only as long as Sprint provides a dependable network and responsive account management.
“The network has never let us down and from day one it has felt like Mike (Haut) has been on the Calhoun team, offering forward-thinking ideas to help my company grow,” Bois said. “I estimate we’ll save $15,000 to $20,000 annually with the improvements provided by the tablets and other Sprint devices Mike recommended to me.”
If you are a business owner interested in learning how Optik 2 tablets from Sprint can help you eliminate excess costs and make your employees more efficient, contact Mike Haut at 612-366-4088 or