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Sprint maintains a serious commitment to protecting customer information. We use sophisticated technology, regular monitoring and other safeguards. But consumers can help by doing their part.  

The Federal Trade Commission says, “Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personally identifying information, like your name, Social Security number, or credit card number, without your permission, to commit fraud or other crimes.”

Sometimes scammers will attempt to trick you into revealing this information. Here are tips to protect your accounts:

Don’t reveal passcodes, account details or personal information to someone who contacts you
Sometimes fraudsters call, text or email a consumer, falsely representing themselves as official representative of Sprint, a bank or another agency.

Sprint strongly recommends that its customers never share personal information with a third party unless they can verify that the request came from a trusted source. If you receive such a request via a text message or phone call, please contact Sprint directly to determine if you have received a legitimate request.


As the Federal Trade Commission says, “The crooks behind these messages are trying to trick you into giving up your personal information. If you get a message and are concerned about your account status, call the number on your credit or debit card — or your statement — and check it out.”
Phishing, Spam or unsolicited text messages
Phishing involves a fraudulent entity or scam artist using the branding, contact numbers, e-mail, SMS and links to a replica of websites of reputable companies that you trust to lure a consumer into providing account and personal information in order to commit a crime.

Please know what to expect from Sprint so that you are on your guard against fraudsters: 
  • Sprint Contacts to You:   If Sprint contacts you, we will not ask you to reveal a Personal Identification Number, or PIN, for your account.    
  • Customer- initiated inquiries to Sprint:   You may be asked to provide this information for account-authentication purposes if you initiate contact with Sprint about your account, or in response to a request submitted to us for technical support.  
Sprint deploys filtering technology on both of its nationwide networks that helps reduce unsolicited messaging advertisements from reaching customers. This filtering technology is automatically enabled on the company’s networks at no additional charge to customers. Sprint continually enhances its filtering technology and works with federal and state policymakers on measures to protect consumers from unwanted messages.
If you do receive a spam message:
  • Report spam by forwarding spam text messages directly to abuse@messaging.sprintpcs.com
  • Block text messages from specific phone numbers or email addresses directly from your My Sprint account on Sprint.com.
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