By Nichole Pichardo
November 27, 2013

Over the years technological innovations change the lives of billions of people. So this week, as we approach Thanksgiving, the products and service team at Sprint would like to give a shoutout to some of the technologies we are most thankful for. From smartphones we carry every day to the apps and services that just make life a little more enjoyable – we definitely have many reasons to give thanks!
  1. SmartphonesSmartphones may seem like the obvious choice, but what better way to stay connected with friends and family (and get updates on that football game) around the holidays than with a beloved smartphone device? Mr. Smartphone, we salute you!
  2. TabletsTablets are revolutionizing the way people work, communicate and interact via the Web. Tablets are incredibly portable, making it easy for the mobile workforce to get work done when away from the office or meeting with customers. Plus, after a long day at the office, tablets are perfect for surfing the Web or reading your favorite e-book.
  3. Wi-Fi®When was the last time you actually had to connect an Ethernet cable to your laptop? The ability to connect on-the-go from a park bench or the airport, or at a coffee shop, Wi-Fi is one technology we really should be thankful for.
  4. GPSDo you remember the time you actually had to carry a map or stop to ask for directions? Yah, me either. GPS, specifically the ability to connect on your smartphone, has made it so easy for anyone to get out there and explore the open road! Whether by car or by foot, GPS technology is a game changer – aren’t we all glad that we don’t have stop and ask the gas station attendant for directions anymore?
  5. Bluetooth®Isn’t it great not having to use a cord to use your printer, mouse, keyboard – heck even your phone in your car? While Bluetooth is not going to change the world, it does makes our lives just a little better – and that’s something to be thankful for!

Nichole Pichardo is a communications manager for the Wireless Devices team at Sprint. She is based in sunny Southern California and primarily focuses on devices launching from HTC and LG. She is also knowledgeable about Sprint’s mobile broadband devices and service plans. Nichole can be reached at