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Sprint customers should be aware of a recent scam involving text messages sent from a party falsely representing itself as his/her bank or financial institution. This scam, known as "SMiShing" [SMS + phishing], happens when:

  • You get a text message from a party falsely representing itself as your bank.
  • It says that your banking web service has expired; and that you must renew this service by using an enclosed link to visit your bank’s web site to update your account information. OR:
  • It may also say you must call an 800 telephone number to reactivate your debit/credit card information over the telephone.
  • Upon visiting the fake web site or calling the fake 800 number, you’re asked to provide a user name, password, or other account credentials. The scammers obtain your user name and password or other credentials once you enter this personal information onto the site or give it to them over the phone.

Sprint strongly recommends that its customers never share personal information with a third party unless they can verify that the request came from a trusted source. If you receive a text message or phone call from a party representing itself as a bank or other service provider seeking personal information, please contact the service provider directly to determine if you have received a legitimate request. If you have questions or concerns relating to privacy and your Sprint account, please contact Sprint’s Office of Privacy at officeofprivacy@sprint.com