February 10, 2014

One of the things I enjoy most about my role supporting Sprint’s sports and entertainment sponsorships team is working with athletes. Throughout the year, I get to work with some of the NBA’s top players, and it’s always interesting to see them away from the court.
I’ve come to appreciate that while they live a different lifestyle than the majority of us, they’re regular people, just like you and I, off the court.

That’s one of the things about “The Crossover,” a new video series from Sprint, I think fans will enjoy – getting an inside look at players’ lives away from the court. The 3-5-minute segments show the players through the unique lens of some top directors in sports, music and entertainment.

Each week through May 29, Sprint will feature one or two NBA players, giving you a look into their lives. With “The Crossover,” you get untold stories and learn more about your favorite players, including their personalities, family life and how their passions away from basketball affect their lives as professional athletes. Thirty players will be featured and all videos will be available at www.sprint.com/NBA.

Sprint united with five directors – Coodie and Chike (Coodie Simmons and Chike Ozah), Madbury Club (Phillip T. Annand), Carl Ford, Timothy Johnson and One 50 One Productions, and Danny Hastings – who will direct and produce the segments to tell the players’ stories.

Four players are currently featured on the site:  Jeff Green of the Boston Celtics, Kenneth Faried of the Denver Nuggets, Jared Dudley of the Los Angeles Clippers, and Sacramento Kings guard Jimmer Fredette.

The videos will be archived on www.sprint.com/NBA and each will include a brief biography of the player and director.

Players to be featured on “The Crossover” include:
Jeff Green – Boston Celtics* Brook Lopez – Brooklyn Nets
Jared Dudley – Los Angeles Clippers* Kemba Walker – Charlotte Bobcats
Kenneth Faried – Denver Nuggets* Jose Calderon – Dallas Mavericks
Jimmer Fredette – Sacramento Kings* Chauncey Billups – Detroit Pistons
Jodie Meeks – Los Angeles Lakers George Hill – Indiana Pacers
Victor Oladipo – Orlando Magic Mario Chalmers – Miami Heat
Mike Dunleavy – Chicago Bulls Chase Budinger – Minnesota Timberwolves
Terrence Ross – Toronto Raptors Serge Ibaka – Oklahoma City Thunder
Harrison Barnes – Golden State Warriors Austin Rivers – New Orleans Pelicans
Robin Lopez – Portland Trail Blazers Evan Turner – Philadelphia 76ers
Tristan Thompson – Cleveland Cavaliers Goran Dragic – Phoenix Suns
OJ Mayo – Milwaukee Bucks Danny Green – San Antonio Spurs
Chandler Parsons – Houston Rockets Trey Burke – Utah Jazz
Mike Miller – Memphis Grizzlies Bradley Beal – Washington Wizards
Jeff Teague – Atlanta Hawks  
*Posted to site currently
Dave Mellin is a communications manager for the brand and sponsorship teams at Sprint. Based in Denver, he can answer questions related to Sprint’s sports and entertainment sponsorships, and advertising. You can reach Dave at dave.mellin@sprint.com.