February 05, 2008

Sprint offers tips for customers to ensure optimal performance of wireless phones

MAITLAND, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 5, 2008--Many consumers were treated, or treated themselves, to a feature-rich, sleek new wireless phone over the holidays. Now, Sprint (NYSE:S) wants to ensure that their new devices remain in tip-top shape so that customers can get things done at SprintSpeed(TM).

Sprint’s service and repair technicians - our "phone doctors" - offer advice on providing the appropriate tender loving care for cell phones, so customers can avoid many of the common technical problems that prompt visits to Sprint repair centers.

"Battery issues are often what bring customers in," said Dave Devillavicencio, Manager of Sprint’s Service and Repair team in Florida, Puerto Rico and the USVI. "A charged battery ensures that calls, application usage and features work optimally. Customers can maximize battery life and the life of their cell phone by simply adjusting some device settings and providing a little care."

Change some settings on your phone:

  • Consider changing the roaming settings on your phone. The devices work optimally when operating on their respective Sprint or Nextel networks. Sprint phones can switch from the Sprint network to a roaming partner’s wireless tower if it thinks the signal is stronger. This can drain the battery faster. Sprint customers should consider changing the manufacturer’s setting to "Sprint only" from the Settings Menu and only change the setting to automatic if in an area with no Sprint coverage. (Note: Nextel devices do not roam)
  • Keep background light settings to the minimum. (8 sec).
  • Customers using PDA devices should make sure they installed the software to sync the handset with the computer. This will back up all of their information. If a PDA warns you of a low battery, charge it immediately. If the battery drains completely, the customer will lose all unsaved data.
  • Change the "auto sync" settings or preferences mail settings to manual or schedule specific times of the day that you want new email activity pushed to your phone. Using auto sync will drain the battery very quickly because the data session is always on. You can change the settings so that the phone syncs with your email server every 5 minutes, every 15 minutes, every hour or a few times a day.

Avoid phone port damage while charging the phone:

  • Always follow the recommended guidelines on charging your device from the manufacturer’s manual.
  • If you are using the device while charging your phone in the car, make sure the plug is not "pulling", as over time it will result in damage.
  • Always remove the charger gently- yanking it out of the phone port could also result in damage.

Avoid Moisture. Like any other electronic device, cell phones can be damaged by water.

  • Afraid you’ll miss a call when you’re working out? Don’t put the phone in your pocket or be careful if it’s in the machine’s holster. Your body sweat can penetrate the phone and cause corrosion to internal components.
  • And, if you take the phone into the bathroom while showering, the steam from a hot shower could also damage the device.
  • Nextel handsets should be kept out of warm areas or direct heat to save and protect the SIM card.

Other mentionables:

  • Cheap aftermarket batteries or chargers may damage the phones. Only use those from your phone’s manufacturer.
  • Protect your phone. Leather cases that cover most of the device offer the best protection when a phone is accidentally dropped.

Recycle your old phone

Customers enjoying their new devices might wonder what to do with their old cell phones. Sprint Project Connect is a free wireless recycling service for anyone who has wireless phones, batteries, accessories and connection cards they no longer use. All makes and models are accepted, regardless of condition or service provider.

One-hundred percent of the net proceeds generated through Sprint Project Connect go to help to keep kids safe online through Sprint’s 4NetSafety program in partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, the NEA Health Information Network, and others.

Information about how to recycle the unwanted cell phones and to learn more about the program can be found at www.sprint.com/projectconnect.


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