January 29, 2014

Today, most likely, your mobile phone or tablet is also your camera and camcorder. With your mobile device, it is easy to capture life’s most important moments as they happen. While you may not want to upload every photo or video to Facebook, Instagram or other social sites, if you are like me, you want to keep them and access them easily. So, what happens when you want to upgrade your mobile phone, or heaven forbid, your device is lost or stolen? Where do all those precious memories go? Are they lost forever?

At Sprint, we have an easy solution for you. Send them to the cloud. Sprint is working with Pogoplug to give our customers one secure place to store and organize personal photos, videos, music and more. With Pogoplug, you can automatically back up important content, access your files from any Web-enabled device, and seamlessly migrate or switch devices, without losing any content.
All Sprint iOS or Android™ smartphone customers receive 5GB of cloud storage for no additional charge, or you can upgrade to unlimited storage for $4.99 per month, which will be added to your monthly bill. Pogoplug can be easily downloaded from Sprint Zone, the Apple App Store or Google Play™.
It is that simple. Pictures, videos, music and files are automatically backed up in one secure place through Pogoplug and organized so it is easy to find your favorite beach pic from two years ago. And, you can access your content from any Web-enabled device – smartphone, tablet or PC.

Kristin Wallace is a communications manager for the Apps and Services team at Sprint. Based in Atlanta, she primarily manages Sprint’s mobile commerce, mobile security and family service applications. In addition, Kristin can answer questions about Sprint’s pricing strategy. Kristin can be reached at kristin.c.wallace@sprint.com.