December 02, 2014
A landscaping business is weeding out excessive costs with the Geotab GPS fleet management solution from by Sprint.
Outdoor Images uses 14 trucks to maintain office parks, townhome associations, corporate campuses and retail sites in and around Minneapolis and St. Paul. With the easy to use Geotab solution, the company can keep track in real time of where those trucks are and how they are being driven. 
Trever Sire, Outdoor Images president, took the advice of Sprint Business Sales account executive Mike Haut in June 2014 to implement the plug-and-play fleet device.
“I’ve reduced 160 man hours per week,” Sire said. “We’re wasting less fuel on idling and truck re-routes, there are fewer thefts, and my teams are far more efficient on the job.”  
The Geotab solution is an easy to use, plug-and-play GPS-based fleet management solution. It captures and sends real time information over the Sprint wireless network on where the Outdoor Images vehicles are what they are doing in real time. Managers know instantly what is going on in the field. 
This solution also documents where the vehicles have been and how they’re being driven. Using reports and alerts from the Geotab solution, supervisors can then coach drivers for safer, more fuel efficient driving and drivers also self-correct with instant feedback if a rule is broken.    
The Geotab solution also reduces truck downtime with maintenance alerts and early notification and diagnostics if there are engine problems, making for a quicker fix and preventing more expensive issues later.
“At first our drivers were defensive but they’re now behind it because they see that Geotab is a great business tool,” Sire says.
Other positives have come from Haut’s advice to go with the Geotab solution. Sire enjoys a fleet solution that offers compatible software, savings on his monthly insurance bill and a rock solid business relationship with Haut and the Sprint Business team.
“I’m such a fan of the Geotab fleet management solution that I’m talking it up with other business owners, even competitors,” Sire confessed.
Sire also enjoys a reliable network experience with Sprint in southern Minnesota, so much so that he also uses six iPhones, two iPads, three Kyocera DuraXTs, two Sprint Phone Connects and a Netgear Zing Mobile Hotspot to keep his crews as productive as they can be.
“The landscaping industry has really advanced in the 21 years I’ve been in business,” Sire reflected. “Mobility, wireless devices and my relationship with Sprint has helped keep me profitable in the 13 years I’ve had contracts with them.” 

If you are a business owner that is interested in learning how a Geotab GPS fleet management system from Sprint can help you eliminate excess costs and make your employees more efficient, contact Mike Haut at 612-366-4088 or