November 14, 2014

Just last month, Virgin Mobile USA hosted a group of popular social ambassadors at the Sprint office in Atlanta, so they could get hands-on experience with the exclusive benefits of Virgin Mobile Custom™.

The hot topic of the day for these bloggers (moms with kids of all ages) was Custom’s parental control features. Custom is loaded with great functionality for parents, such as restricting apps like Instagram and Snapchat during school hours, allowing kids to only make and receive calls from certain contacts (however dialing “911” is never restricted), and oh so much more!

The bloggers went batty over the flexible, no-contract Custom plans that accommodate up to five users per account. They raved about the ability to easily share or restrict talk time, data usage and text messaging with a swipe of their fingers on their own phone.

Here’s a glimpse at what the bloggers shared about Custom:
  • “A Virgin Mobile Custom Phone and Plan is the Perfect Present for Kids.” – Macaroni Kid.
  • “Virgin Mobile Custom is perfect as the first phone for your teenager. There are parental controls you can set up and monitor from any phone!” – Mommy Week
  • “…and how cool is this: you can even restrict apps and internet access when on wifi.  Yep, even when the device is connected to wifi!” – Atlanta’s Frugal Mom
  • “Another great option of this phone is that you no longer need to take your kids’ phone away when they do something wrong. Use the parental control to disable apps and trust me that is enough to get them ticked off.” – The Bluebird Patch
  • “So what does that mean to parents? It means that you don’t have to worry about them surfing the net while in school because there are options to disable.” – Natural Babydol
  • “A great option to reduce your cell phone bill!” – Suzy’s Sitcom
Let’s face it, phones are important to kids’ lives, yet they may not be able to manage their own phone plans and content consumption… “Enter Virgin Mobile Custom phones and plans!”

Perhaps you’re waiting for the holidays to see your kids’ eyes light up with the gift of a new phone? If so, can rest easy knowing this portal to their world can be easily monitored and managed by you, including allotment of talk minutes, text message, social media and gaming apps, all at your fingertips.

Don’t want to change from your current wireless provider? Parents who already have an Android™ or iOS smartphone, regardless of carrier, can still take advantage of Custom’s parental controls by downloading the FREE app and purchasing a Custom device. You can sync your child’s Custom device and use all the robust controls directly from the app.

Virgin Mobile Custom is available exclusively at Walmart on LG Pulse™, LG Unify™ and ZTE Emblem™.

Natalie Papaj is communications manager for Virgin Mobile USA, one of the Sprint prepaid brands. Based in Washington, D.C., Natalie transitioned from the Sprint product PR team and manages all Virgin Mobile announcement, including devices and services. Natalie is the team fitness guru and manages the Sprint Mom Ambassador program. Natalie can be reached at