By Kristin Wallace
November 22, 2013

Lookout and Sprint recently conducted a national Harris survey1 revealing smartphone consumers’ mobile behaviors, habits and concerns about privacy.  The findings show we have a striking attachment to our mobile devices and a concern about the exposure of personal information. In fact, 63 percent of people surveyed check their smartphone at least once an hour (9 percent check every five minutes), and 33 percent of people would fear the contents of their mobile phone being projected on a big screen.

The majority of those surveyed with smartphones said they typically don’t go an hour without checking their phones. Unsurprisingly, the amount of time between phone-checks goes down among the youngest age groups and increased markedly as age goes up.
  • Almost two-thirds (63 percent) of people would be upset if they left home without their smartphone.
  • When people are without their devices, they miss texting (29 percent) and calling (26 percent) most.
  • 97 percent of mobile phone owners report checking their phones occasionally while in the presence of family and friends.
Consumers exhibit risky behaviors when using their mobile phone
Despite being deeply attached to their mobile phones, Americans surveyed exhibit risky behavior when using their mobile phone.
  • 26 percent of people are not aware of the risks of clicking on unfamiliar links while browsing on mobile.
  • 18 percent store password information on their phones.
Tips for Smarter Smartphone Usage
Keep prying eyes away from your smartphone with these helpful tips:
  • Set a PIN or passcode. It’s the first line of defense to keep private information private if a phone is lost or stolen.
  • Don’t lose it. Tuck away a smartphone in a zipped pocket or bag when walking in public places.
  • Practice safe surfing. Take extra care when browsing websites or clicking on links from a mobile device – the small screen size makes it especially tricky to determine a safe link from a fraudulent one.
  • Be cautious when downloading apps. To minimize the risk of picking up a malicious application, only download from official apps stores, read app reviews, and check the developer reputation before installation.
  • Keep it safe. Download an app like Lookout to help locate a lost phone, or lock & wipe the data if it cannot be recovered.
These insights come on the heels of a partnership between Sprint and Lookout to bring mobile security to more consumers. Lookout is now offered on select Android™-powered Sprint devices, in store and online, making mobile security more accessible than ever. Download the Lookout app for Android-powered smartphones from Google Play™ or directly from your Sprint Android device.

Kristin Wallace is a communications manager for the Apps and Services team at Sprint. Based in Atlanta, she primarily manages Sprint’s mobile commerce, mobile security and family service applications. In addition, Kristin can answer questions about Sprint’s pricing strategy. Kristin can be reached at

1Sprint-Lookout Harris Interactive Survey, August 2013