December 29, 2009
Access to Thousands of Apps on America’s Most Dependable 3G Network Can Help Sprint Customers Save Money, Live Healthier, Go Green and More
OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Dec 29, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- As the ball drops this New Year’s Eve, all those "should haves" from 2009 come down on your shoulders as well. Sprint (NYSE:S) customers can start the year on a positive note and accomplish five of the top resolutions for 2010 with help from Sprint phones with industry-leading features and access to thousands of useful applications.

"You name the New Year’s resolution and we’ll tell you about an application available on a Sprint phone that helps you achieve it," said David Owens, vice president of customer acquisition. "The range of applications makes it easy for our customers to achieve their goals, whether they want to count calories or save money. The reviews have been clear that Sprint has the best holiday line-up of phones, and one of the reasons they tout Sprint is access to great applications."1

These innovative applications are easy to download and can help make success attainable for five of the most common New Year’s resolutions: saving money, being healthy by eating right and working out, getting organized, being more environmentally friendly and learning something new.

Save Money

Savings is at the top of everyone’s list for 2010, and Sprint Everything Data plans with Any Mobile, AnytimeSM for unlimited calling with any U.S. wireless phone make this resolution effortless, offering savings of $115 or more per year vs. comparable AT&T and Verizon plans.2 Families can save $360 or more per year with Sprint Everything Data Family plans with Any Mobile, Anytime vs. comparable AT&T and Verizon plans.3

To save even more money, Sprint phones offer access to helpful applications:

  • ShopSavvy, available through Android Market, lets HTC Hero(TM) with Google(TM) and Samsung Moment(TM) with Google(TM) users track shopping deals. With ShopSavvy the user simply points the camera at a barcode, follows the instructions and receives a comprehensive product and price list.
  • ScanLife turns the user’s Sprint phone into a 2D barcode scanner. Scanning 2D barcodes that appear on print ads, packaging, movie posters and more automatically takes the user to a specific mobile Web site, product offer or mobile coupon on their phone. Newer phones with auto-focus cameras also scan regular UPC codes found on most packaging to find price comparisons. ScanLife is preloaded on select Sprint phones such as Samsung Reclaim, and Sprint plans to preload the application on all compatible phones launching in 2010.
  • Dealert is a deal tracking application available on Palm(R) Pre(TM)and Palm(R) Pixi(TM) that allows users to track specific products across major online deal sites. Users can perform searches and choose to be alerted when a deal becomes available for their chosen product.

Be Healthy

Sprint customers can use their phone to help keep them on the right track when it comes to eating healthier in 2010:

  • Calorie Counter by FatSecret has all the tools to help users succeed, including calorie and nutrition information, a barcode scanner for nutrition labels, a food diary to plan and keep track of menus and a journal to record progress. Calorie Counter by FatSecret is available through BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry users and through Android Market for HTC Hero and Samsung Moment and BlackBerry(R) users.
  • Diet Control gives Palm Pre and Palm Pixi users a way to log and monitor their weight, food intake and exercise. They can also use a point value system to eat healthier.

Of course, being healthy isn’t just about eating right. Come Jan. 2, gyms will be packed with people trying to shed those extra holiday pounds. But that doesn’t have to keep Sprint customers from fulfilling their resolution to get active:

  • AllSport GPS can help users meet their fitness goals by tracking distance, time, calories, routes, speed and elevation profiles without braving the gym crowds - perfect for running, cycling, walking and hiking. AllSport GPS is available for HTC Hero and Samsung Moment through the Android Market(TM) and for LG Lotus(TM), Samsung Rant(TM) and other Sprint phones through the Sprint Digital Lounge.
  • JogStats lets Palm Pre and Palm Pixi users use GPS to track stats while jogging and analyze them when the workout is finished. Stats recorded include time, distance, speed, pace, calories and altitude. Speed, altitude and the user’s GPS route can be viewed in easy-to-read graphs.

Get Organized

For customers who found 2009 to be too chaotic, Web-enabled Sprint phones offer preloaded organizer tools such as a calendar with notifications to ensure they won’t double book or miss an appointment in 2010. Save time and keep organized on-the-go with Sprint devices such as Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, HTC Hero, Samsung Moment and BlackBerry Tour(TM). These phones can regularly sync contacts, calendar and email with the users’ business and personal accounts. Downloadable apps for Sprint phones provide additional organization features:

  • Evernote, available for Palm Pre, Palm Pixi, HTC Hero, Samsung Moment and BlackBerry phones, lets users capture notes, to-dos, business cards and more with photos, dates and tags. Customers can sync with their computer and find entries later with the search feature.
  • Tag-ToDo-List gives HTC Hero and Samsung Moment users an improved "to-do experience." Features include the ability to draw graphical notes, record audio and use keyboard shortcuts to help users check their "to-do" items off the list.

Broaden Horizons

Sprint phones can help customers learn something new everyday with access to a range of instructive and fun applications:

  • wikiHow can help users learn how to do everything from performing CPR to escaping from a bear. This free app available on Palm Pre and Palm Pixi features 60,000 step-by-step how-to articles, including a Survival Kit for life’s most challenging situations.
  • Guitarist’s Reference gives customers the chance to learn about guitar chords, scales, arpeggios, triads, standard tuning, alternate tunings, and more right on their Palm Pre or Palm Pixi. It’s the ultimate reference for both beginner and advanced guitarists.
  • Brain Genius Deluxe by Glu Mobile offers a fun way for users to give their mind a workout everyday. This app available on HTC Hero and Samsung Moment delivers a daily dose of brain exercise with puzzles and teasers including Sudoku.

Go Green

Customers who resolve to be more environmentally friendly in 2010 can green their life with Sprint’s award-winning Samsung Reclaim(TM) phone, made from 80 percent recyclable material, to be earth-friendly and socially connected all at once. Reclaim boasts One Click, Sprint’s award-winning customizable user interface with quick access to social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube. A green One Click tile, available on Reclaim and other Sprint One Click phones such as LG Lotus, takes the user to several green applications:

  • Five Simple Steps from Discovery Channel provides five simple changes you can make to be more eco-friendly, from how you commute to what you eat for dinner.
  • Green Guides from Discovery Channel offers handy guides to help you green your lives with ease, and understand why.
  • Green Glossary from Discovery Channel provides words and explanations about the Earth and Climate Change.
  • All Things Green, a Sprint Web category, contains dynamic green headlines and links to downloadable content.

Customers can easily learn how to take advantage of these great applications and all the features of their wireless device with Sprint’s Ready Now program. Through Ready Now, Sprint retail associates can show customers how to use their Sprint phone to take advantage of Sprint’s mobile broadband network, which offers twice the coverage of AT&T’s current 3G network and 14 times the coverage of T-Mobile’s current 3G network, based on square miles.4

Some downloadable applications may require an additional charge. Casual data charges of $0.03/kb will apply to customers not on a plan with unlimited data.

About Sprint Nextel

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1 Best lineup claim based on the overall number of operating platforms available combined with capabilities of devices.

2 Savings based on Sprint Everything Data 450 plan vs. 450 minute options for AT&T Nation Talk, Text & Web and Verizon Nationwide Premium, excluding taxes, surcharges and fees. Based on rates available at publication date.

3 Savings based on Sprint Everything Data Family 1500 plan vs. 1400 minutes options for AT&T FamilyTalk Talk, Text & Web and Verizon Nationwide Premium Family Shareplan, excluding taxes, surcharges and fees. Based on rates available at publication date.

4 Coverage comparison based on publicly available information as of 10/01/09, inclusive of Sprint roaming partners. Based on square miles.

SOURCE: Sprint

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