by Amy Johnsonbaugh
October 15, 2015
It’s that time of year again – when kids start thinking about their Halloween costumes and going door to door to collect a bag full of candy. My kids are going to be a mermaid and police officer this year. It’s also a time when parents may want to give their little ones the freedom to roam the neighborhood with friends but that could lead to concerns about their safety.

Keep your ghouls and goblins safe
Sprint Family Locator is a service that enables parents to remotely locate their children’s devices on a virtual map from their mobile phone, PC or tablet. It gives parents peace of mind knowing they can locate their child’s device on-demand or perform automatic safety check locates to ensure they made it home from school or back from soccer practice. Let’s face it, kids often forget to call or text to let you know where they are, so why not simply check a map instead?

Don’t get spooked when they’re out of sight
Key Features for Sprint Family Locator:
  • On-Demand Locates – Unlimited on-demand locates that show you the location of your child’s device on a virtual map
  • Safety Checks – Automatic locates that tell you if your loved one is where they should be at a specific time
  • Get your 15 day Free Trial today for Android or iOS.
  • If you love it, which we think you will, it’s then just $5.99 per month/per account. (Allows up to 5 phones to be located). 

There’s No Trick to Smarter Phone Use
A recent survey conducted by Sprint and Techlicious, of mobile consumers across wireless carriers, reveals that dads and moms disagree on the age to give their children their first smartphone, not all parents give kids smartphone rules, most kids know their parents monitor their mobile phone usage, and more. To see the informative infographic, click here.
To make parents’ jobs a little easier, a wide variety of parental monitoring and control apps are available – from wireless carriers and app stores – to help parents track the location of their kids’ phone, monitor content of their text messages and email, photos, and/or web history.
Sprint Mobile Controls allows parents to clearly understand their child’s talk, text and app use habits. They can lock their child’s phone on demand or schedule locks – during dinner, school or late at night – and browse their child’s contacts and apps downloaded to the phone.
Have a safe and fun Halloween! 

Amy Johnsonbaugh is a communications manager for the Apps and Services team at Sprint. Based in Orange County, Calif., she can answer questions related to Sprint-branded or third-party consumer applications, music/entertainment applications, accessibility applications, Sprint ID and family service applications. Amy can be reached at