December 05, 2014
Dear consumers,
I hope by now that you’ve heard of Sprint’s new Cut Your Bill in Half Event. It’s a great deal and demonstrates our commitment to offering consumers the best value in wireless.
Starting today you can bring us your Verizon or AT&T bill, and we’ll cut your rate plan in half. This is an unprecedented offer and our boldest move yet.
You can enjoy the half-off deal as long as you stay on that plan. It’s that simple.

Visit to learn more.
As the new CEO of Sprint, I’m committed to talking with our customers in a clear and straightforward way. Too often in our industry we have companies trying to shout over each other with claims that they are offering the best pricing EVER. We will not just add to this noise.
“Best value in wireless” is not merely some slogan for those of us at Sprint. We stand behind it, and we want every American consumer to know it.
Marcelo Claure