December 05, 2007

Addition of new Ethernet service complements existing portfolio

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 5, 2007--Given the dynamic marketplace and competitive environment, businesses require the flexibility to choose from multiple access types and solutions that easily integrate to meet the needs of their corporate WANs (Wide Area Networks). Building on the robust portfolio of solutions it has offered for many years, Sprint (NYSE:S) is announcing the availability of Sprint Provided Ethernet Access as an alternative to limited Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) options. With a combination of business-enabling wireless and wireline assets, Sprint is uniquely positioned to offer a fully integrated portfolio of access solutions to serve the IP-based needs of businesses of all sizes. The new Ethernet offer complements other converged access services including Sprint Data Link and Sprint Business DSL, all of which help businesses drive increased productivity and efficiency for corporations.

"Access to IP services, such as Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and Global MPLS, has traditionally been through limiting Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) connections such as T1, DS3 and OCn," said Mike Coffey, vice president of wireline and converged services, Sprint. "With Sprint’s IP expertise, we’ve extended the portfolio of integrated access alternatives beyond TDM to include Ethernet, DSL and wireless WAN, thus helping business customers experience our vision of working anytime, anywhere in an increasingly IP-centric world."

As the latest addition to the portfolio, Sprint Provided Ethernet Access enables businesses to take advantage of Ethernet directly integrated into a customer’s WAN. Today, Sprint Provided Ethernet Access is available nationwide and connects from the customer’s premises to the Sprint Global MPLS or DIA networks using an Ethernet local loop. This solution allows customers to enjoy the flexibility and cost effectiveness of Ethernet and with Sprint serving as the single point of contact to provide businesses with an end-to-end solution. Other benefits of Sprint Provided Ethernet Access include:

    --  Sprint coordinates all aspects of the local loop delivery for
        its end-user customers.

    --  Broadband speeds ranging from 2 Mbps to 1 Gbps, subject to
        market availability.

    --  Lower costs for both equipment (customer router ports) and
        circuits (local loops) over TDM.

    --  Seamlessness- proven existing LAN technology and ease of
        use/compatibility with current applications.

    --  Flexibility - bandwidth easily scales to fit customer’s IP

Given Sprint’s wireless data and IP leadership, it is uniquely positioned to offer wireless solutions integrated with wireline services for businesses. One key capability is Sprint Data Link wireless WAN, which helps businesses reduce costs and increase survivability by providing secure wireless access for worksites as either a primary access or as a backup to an IP/wireline solution. Sprint Data Link is available nationwide and leverages a wireless connection across the Sprint Mobile Broadband network into multiple WAN solutions, including Sprint Global MPLS, SprintLink Frame Relay or in the establishment of IPSEC VPNs, and includes benefits such as:

    --  Broadband speeds - Average download speeds of 600 Kbps to 1.4
        Mbps and 350 to 500 Kbps average upload speeds (actual speeds
        may vary).

    --  Quick and easy setup at a lower cost than traditional wireline
        options for remote and temporary worksites - enables locations
        to be portable and setup quickly such as construction sites,
        seasonal work centers and points of sale, events/trade shows,
        kiosks and disaster recovery centers.

    --  Sprint Managed Service - Sprint’s deployment and management
        expertise allows customers to focus on the core elements of
        their business.

Another key business-enabling access service is Sprint Business DSL, which delivers the ability to reduce overall network costs while providing an integrated, secure, dedicated high-speed Internet access to main offices, remote sites or branches. Sprint is the only global communications provider to offer an integrated DSL to reach Global MPLS. The solution is available nationwide and allows existing data services to continue working as they always have, but with faster downloads, crisper transmissions, more robust connectivity and lower cost. Benefits include:

    --  One point of contact, one contract and one bill for all
        network and WAN requirements.

    --  Direct Layer 2 connection to Global MPLS (MPLSoDSL) so
        customer traffic never touches the public Internet ensuring
        security and virtually eliminating denial of service attacks.

    --  Dedicated, reliable access to allow for process improvement,
        including expanded telecommuting opportunities, fast file
        transmissions, application sharing and more timely email

    --  Predictable, all-inclusive value - affordable, fixed
        nationwide monthly rates designed to easily fit any budget.

    --  Performance guarantees - Sprint guarantees 99.9% network
        availability and 45-day installation.

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