October 24, 2006
              20 additional markets to launch during 2006

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 24, 2006--Sprint (NYSE:S) today announced that it has upgraded the Sprint Power Vision Network(SM), the nation’s largest wireless broadband network covering more than 164 million people, with the faster EV-DO Revision A technology in the San Diego market - making it the first market in the country to have the technology commercially available. With the upgraded mobile broadband network, customers in San Diego will ultimately be able to utilize richer applications and services such as high-speed video telephony, music on demand, video messaging and large file uploads.

San Diego is the first of 21 markets where Sprint will roll out EV-DO Revision A this year with coverage expected to reach more than 40 million people. Sprint Power Vision users in these markets should experience significantly faster average upload speeds of 300-400 kbps (compared with 50-70 kbps of current EV-DO networks). Average download speeds should also increase to 450-800 kbps from 400-700 kbps. By 3Q 2007, Sprint’s Power Vision network is expected to be completely upgraded to the faster EV-DO Revision A.

The other markets scheduled to launch this year are:

Denver                 Las Vegas            Los Angeles
Kansas City, Mo.       Sacramento, Calif.   Salt Lake City
San Francisco          Pittsburgh           Washington, D.C.
Seattle                Detroit              Milwaukee
Boston                 Buffalo, N.Y.        Hartford, Conn.
Newark/Trenton, N.J.   Providence, R.I.     Baltimore
New York City          Philadelphia

"Sprint’s mobile broadband leadership is unmatched. Not only do we have the largest mobile broadband network, but with the upgraded EV-DO Revision A technology Sprint Power Vision will also be the fastest wireless broadband network in the country," said Kathy Walker, chief network officer for Sprint. "The power of Sprint’s networks, especially with this EV-DO Revision A upgrade, allows Sprint to deliver a mobile broadband experience to our customers that no other carrier can provide."

The upgrade to EV-DO Revision A is expected to further drive Sprint’s industry-leading wireless data average revenue per user as customers will be able to use the upgraded network to utilize applications such as all IP video telephony, high-performance push-to-talk (walkie-talkie service), multi-user video conferencing, real-time gaming and video streaming of both content and live web cams simultaneously as they become available.

EV-DO Revision A coverage in most markets will initially be concentrated in airports and business districts where wireless data demand is highest and will expand to include Sprint’s entire market footprint. Overall, Sprint plans to reach more than 200 million people in the U.S. with mobile broadband data services (including both EV-DO Revisions 0 and A) in 220 major metropolitan areas across the country with its Power Vision network by the end of 2006.

Sprint Mobile Broadband Cards

As Sprint continues to launch EV-DO Revision A service in markets across the country, it is also expanding its Revision A-capable device portfolio. In early November, Sprint will make its first mobile broadband USB modem available - the Sprint Mobile Broadband USB Modem by Novatel Wireless Ovation U720. This device plugs into the USB port of any compatible laptop and will allow customers to connect to the Sprint Power Vision Network and wirelessly access audio, video and data applications. The Novatel Wireless sells for a suggested retail price of $249.99 or is available for as low as $49.99 with a two-year subscriber agreement and mail-in-rebate.

The Novatel Wireless U720 joins three previously announced EV-DO Revision A-compatible connection cards: the Pantech PX-500, Sierra Wireless Aircard(R)595 and the Novatel Wireless S720. Designed for operation with compatible laptops with Type II PCMCIA slots and the Linksys Wireless G-Router for Mobile Broadband, these three devices are available through all Sprint indirect and business sales channels and online at www.sprint.com. Additionally, the Novatel Wireless U720 and the Pantech PX-500 are available in Sprint retail stores.

All of these devices will also work on the Sprint Power Vision Network where the EV-DO Revision A upgrade is not yet available. Service plans for all cards currently range from $39.99 per month for 40 MB to $79.99 per month for unlimited data usage. Customers signing a two-year Sprint subscriber agreement may also be eligible to receive unlimited data usage for $59.99 per month (no separate voice plan required).

Additional information on Sprint’s Mobile Broadband network, including coverage maps showing current and future coverage, Mobile Broadband service plans, and the latest access devices, can be found at http://powervision.sprint.com/mobilebroadband/. Customers who have already purchased EV-DO Revision A-compatible devices may want to go to http://sprint.com/downloads to download the software update to ensure their devices are functioning on Revision A where it is available.

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