August 03, 2015
Visit the Sprint Newsroom for the latest announcements and insight. Here are some highlights from last week:
BLOG: Support for an Open Internet – July 28
With a smartphone or tablet in hand, you listen to your favorite song, get directions to a restaurant or share a video that has everybody talking. Most people tap a touchscreen and think little more about how their app is working with a wireless network.
BLOG: Perceptions are changing and customers are returning to Sprint – July 28
A relentless push to improve its wireless network is working – customers are returning to Sprint. Performance metrics by a noted third party and more customers returning to Sprint stores and signing business agreements prove the point.
More Data, More Data, More Data – July 28
recent study from Mobidia Technology Inc. shows that on average, American wireless users consume 1.8GB of data each month.

Recognizing that Americans continue to want and need more data, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA are making it easy for monthly unlimited customers to add more high-speed data with the launch of $5 and $10 per month Data Pack add-ons as an option if they meet their plan’s high-speed data threshold and want more.
BLOG: Two new ALCATEL ONETOUCH smartphones arrive at Boost Mobile – July 29
Celebrate summer stress-free with the weather-ready ALCATEL ONETOUCH Conquest; Or harness the excitement of 4G LTE data speeds without spending a fortune with ALCATEL ONETOUCH Elevate.
Sprint Introduces Best Plan for Families – July 29
With more data than T-Mobile, and with significant savings over Verizon and AT&T, the new Sprint Family Share Pack is the best family plan available.