October 19, 2015
Visit the Sprint Newsroom for the latest announcements and insight. Here are some highlights from last week:
Sprint Expands Direct 2 You from Coast to Coast- October 13
Sprint expands its Direct 2 You service to reach more places across the country which means that customers in Charlotte, N.C., Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Nashville, New Orleans, Pittsburgh and Salt Lake City can now enjoy the exclusive service that brings the retail experience to your front door. Sprint
Sprint Open World Now Includes Portugal and Uruguay – October 15
At Sprint, we know that our customers want to be able to travel the world and stay connected with family and friends without the worry of overage charges. That is why we continue to add more countries to Sprint Open World and Sprint Global Roaming. With the addition of Portugal and Uruguay, we now cover 72 destinations around the world.
Corporation Schedules Second Fiscal Quarter 2015 Results Announcement – October 16
Sprint Corporation (NYSE: S) will release its financial results for the second fiscal quarter of 2015 on Tuesday, November 3rd.
BLOG: Protecting the 97% - October 16
By Dr. John Saw, Chief Technology Officer, Sprint
BLOG: Sprint Lights Up More NYC Subway Stations Than Any Other Carrier – October 12
By Scott Santi, Regional Vice President, Network
BLOG: Look! Direct 2 You is on its way to a city near you – October 13
By Kathleen Dunleavy, Manager- Corporate Relations
BLOG: Safety doesn’t have to be tricky – October 15
By Amy Johnsonbaugh