May 06, 2010

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., May 06, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) --This afternoon, Vonya B. McCann, senior vice president of government affairs for Sprint (NYSE:S), issued the following statement in response to Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) plans to apply new rules to broadband services:

"The Comcast decision has brought into question the scope of the FCC’s jurisdictional authority over broadband services. In its announcement today, the FCC has stated that it will attempt to address this ambiguity through a public proceeding that will seek ’a third way.’

While still reviewing the implications of the FCC’s legal arguments, Sprint appreciates the FCC’s statement that any regulation it may assert would be through a light regulatory touch. Sprint agrees the past decade has seen the rapid development of a competitive and innovative commercial mobile wireless communications marketplace under such a light regulatory touch.

Sprint commends the FCC for the cautious approach it is taking toward this complex subject. The FCC can and should foster similar growth in broadband by focusing its energies on protecting consumers by promoting competition and placing checks and balances on providers with market power."

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