April 01, 2009

Triple play providers Massillon Cable and Blue Ridge Cable are first customers to benefit from a portfolio that blends VoIP, video and broadband with enhanced voicemail and Caller ID to the TV experiences

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Apr 01, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Today Sprint (NYSE: S), a market leader in residential cable telephony with VoIP services, announced the availability of an integrated, enhanced services portfolio to cable companies. Through the delivery of enhanced services, such as Caller ID to the TV, Caller ID to the PC, and new voicemail features that include a home voicemail alert sent to a customer’s mobile phone, and voicemail to email, Sprint is giving cable operators more opportunities to differentiate themselves from competitors and offer greater value to their customers.

These new, enhanced services begin to blend the customer’s TV, broadband, home phone and mobile phone experiences in ways that are both practical and fun. "It’s not enough anymore to simply deliver the same phone service the telephone companies provide," said Mike Smith, director-Marketing, Sprint Wholesale Services. "As customers’ lives change, so do their communications needs. We are delivering solutions that will enable customers to better manage their in-home communications. These new services also demonstrate Sprint’s commitment to deliver converged solutions that leverage and complement the core services and assets of our wholesale customers. We are in business to make their business better."

Today Sprint provides wholesale cable VoIP services to 14 leading cable companies and supports more than 4.5 million cable VoIP/digital phone subscribers - covering more than 31 million cable households-passed.

The enhanced service offering to cable companies includes:

  • Caller ID to the TV - Delivers notifications of an incoming caller’s name and telephone number to the customer’s TV screen before the phone rings.
  • Caller ID to the PC - Delivers notifications of an incoming caller’s name and telephone number to the customer’s PC screen before the phone rings.

For both Caller ID to the TV and Caller ID to the PC, customers have the ability to turn the feature on and off and manage which TVs and PCs in the home receive the service. Customers can also personalize the alerts by adding pictures, nicknames, fonts and colors, and view a TV and PC call log, which lists names, numbers, dates and times associated with incoming calls.

  • Enhanced Voicemail Services - Delivers advanced voicemail features, such as Find Me Follow Me, Web Management, Fax Capability, Voicemail to Email, Call Screening, and Auto Attendant functionality.
  • SMS Notification/Home Voicemail Alert - Allows the customer to receive an SMS text message to their cell phone when someone leaves a voice message on their home phone. The message includes the telephone number of the party who left the message, so the customer can decide whether to return the call to their home phone to check the voice message.

Linking SMS capabilities to our VoIP voicemail is just the first step in our ongoing integration of VoIP and wireless services," said Jim Patterson, president-Wholesale for Sprint. "Our goal with Sprint’s VoIP services, in particular with our enhanced voice services offering, is to continue to make it easier for our cable partners to offer solutions that increase their market share and increase the value they bring to their customers."

Sprint offers these enhanced features to such customers as Massillon Cable TV and Blue Ridge Cable with the help of its partners, Integra5, a leader in providing multi-device Caller ID to TVs, PCs and mobile phones, and Strata Group and Streamwide for voicemail.

"We’ve built an ecosystem of solutions working with companies that have the expertise to help us build an integrated, turnkey solution for our VoIP services customers," said Patterson. "Our combined efforts working with our vendors allow our cable customers to launch services quickly, leverage scale as they roll out to markets, and have access to installation and customer support services."

"Massillon Cable TV, a triple play cable operator in Ohio, has launched Caller ID to the TV and Enhanced Voicemail services to its subscriber base. "At Massillon, we are constantly striving to exceed our customers’ expectations in order to bolster loyalty," said Bob Gessner, president, Massillon Cable TV. "Enhanced voice service offerings help us to achieve this by delivering a unique, personalized experience that unifies our VoIP, video and broadband offering."

With more than 16 years of experience in the wholesale business, Sprint delivers a broad range of wireline and wireless solutions that enable the extension of the wholesale customer’s workplace and help employees work more productively and cost-effectively.

For more information on Sprint wholesale solutions, visit www.sprint.com/wholesale or contact your Sprint account team.


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SOURCE: Sprint

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