By Nichole Pichardo
January 22, 2014

When the New Year rolls around, most of us will make the same, age-old resolutions: Lose weight. Get in better shape. Eat healthier. And if you’re like me, you’re looking for the easiest and most efficient way to accomplish these resolutions. So I got to thinking about my favorite tech tools that help me stay in shape as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle all throughout the year.

Wireless Fitness Trackers - As technology has advanced, wireless fitness trackers have become more popular. Like pedometers, these devices track how much ground you’ve covered in a day. But they take things a step further. Wireless fitness trackers also monitor how many calories you’ve burned, your weight, sleep patterns, etc.  Sprint offers a variety of these fitness trackers with my personal favorite being the Fitbit Flex. Here are a few things I love about it:
  • It tracks approximate mileage, steps, calories burned and sleep patterns for the day. If you’re a MyFitnessPal member, you can sync it with the MyFitnessPal app to track your food intake, too.
  • The silent alarm and sleep tracker.  For the silent alarm, the wristband vibrates a few times to wake you up. 
  • It’s super easy to use, set-up and connect to the app on your smartphone.
 Heart Rate Monitor - If weight loss is the primary reason behind your workout, a heart rate watch can help you achieve your goal. I recently purchased one and love that after plugging in some basic data about myself, I can accurately track how many calories I burn in a 60 minute spin or kickboxing class. Sprint offers a variety of heart rate monitors and recently my colleague, Natalie, did a review on a new Bluetooth® version Sprint is now carrying. You can check out what she has to say about it here.

Kitchen Scale - Weighing your food before you chow down can help you rein in portion sizes. I’ve also found that the digital scale has kept me accountable with my portion sizes. For example, my huge overflowing bowl of cereal? Yea, that’s like 3 servings. The heaping mounds of peanut butter I like to put in my oatmeal every morning (or just direct from spoon to mouth)? – That’s probably close to 2 to 3 servings.

Fitness Apps - Fitness applications have become one of my favorite ways to set exercise goals and monitor my progress over time. Apps range from the simple, which count your steps or estimate how many calories you burn; to the more complex that give you macronutrient breakdowns; to those that help you prepare for an upcoming 5K or 10K race. Here are a few of my personal favorites:
Nichole Pichardo is a communications manager for the Wireless Devices team at Sprint. She is based in sunny Southern California and primarily focuses on devices launching from HTC and LG. She is also knowledgeable about Sprint’s mobile broadband devices and service plans. Nichole can be reached at