December 15, 2009
OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Dec 15, 2009 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The song keeps playing on the radio, on and on about those 12 days: "Nine ladies dancing, eight maids-a-milking... five golden rings" - all those people, all those cows, and the price of gold these days! Who can keep it all organized, who can clean up the mess, and how can anyone keep costs down - not to mention keeping it up for 12 days?

Sprint’s (NYSE:S) gift to you: The Now Network, the nation’s most dependable 3G network,1 which allows you to buy your gifts, gather your family, bake the cookies, see the sights, find the lights, stop the fights and handle everything else associated with the joy of the holidays now - not over 12 days - and from the palm of your hand.

The Now NetworkTM is the culmination of our ultra-fast networks, cutting-edge devices, game-changing price plans and a portfolio of products and capabilities that enable customers to do what they want, simply and immediately. With Sprint, customers can truly celebrate the simplicity and instant gratification of now.

Here are just 12 ways Sprint can help you find joy in every moment of the holidays, not tomorrow, not over 12 days, but having the best experience right now:

ONE call to the bakery means you don’t have to spend 90 minutes making cookies that your mother says your sister makes better anyway. A Google search will get you the number.

TWO GPS searches will get you to both holiday parties in one night, taking the shortcut across town. Lay your handset on the console and Sprint Navigation will talk you to your next stop where you’ll be relaxed and ready to have fun.

THREE kids and three text messages tell you that none of them is going to be home when Grandma first arrives, but you’ll have some quiet time, and texting is unlimited on many Sprint phone plans.

FOUR hours was how long it seemed to take last year to open that annoying hard plastic packaging, but the Sprint Samsung Reclaim eco-friendly handset comes in easy-to-open environmentally responsible packaging, and our accessories soon will, too. Sprint was ranked No. 15 among large companies in Newsweek’s green rankings, and the highest ranked telecom company overall.2

FIVE golden rings. OK, you’re not buying those this year, but how about some cool ring tones from the Sprint Digital Lounge at, or app stores like Android(TM) Market and Palm App Catalog?

SIX, what was it, geese? Instead of that bird, how about some Falcons, Cardinals or Seahawks? You can make sure you don’t miss any of the action while you’re out shopping, at holiday parties or putting up the tree by using NFL Mobile Live only from Sprint. Sprint devices are intuitive and easy to use - and we’ll show you how to make the most of your device through our stores’ Ready Now programs.

SEVEN - that’s how many video games the spouse wants. One click on the Barcode application on one of Sprint Android phones - HTC Hero(TM) with Google(TM) or Samsung Moment(TM) with Google(TM) - gives you the best price available on each in an instant, and the ability to order them now for delivery. Android Market has more than 10,000 easy-to-download applications that can make your holidays stress free: keep track of your to-do list, manage your grocery shopping needs, and check Craigslist for your holiday gifts.

EIGHT lights are out on the string this year. How did that happen? Banish the darkness with the glow from the clear, bright AMOLED screen on the Samsung Moment and find replacements in the bottom of the box in a snap. Sprint has the industry’s strongest handset lineup this season, with a choice of features and operating systems for anything you or you family need to do now.

NINE holiday songs, downloaded from the Sprint Music Store to your Samsung Rant TM or other Sprint feature phone, will ensure you and your family are in the holiday spirit. Downloads are just $0.99 per song with a data-included plan or add-on,3 and Sprint makes it easy and convenient. With the Palm(R) Pre(TM), you can buy songs from the Amazon MP3 store and listen using the built-in music player.

UP TO 10 times faster than 3G on download speeds4 - that’s what Sprint 4G mobile broadband means to you. With Sprint 4G you can download a favorite video game, picture, holiday TV special or large video in seconds, not minutes, or watch live streaming video on your laptop - all while on the go, not just from the home or office. Today, Sprint offers 4G in 27 markets and expects to offer coverage in 80 markets by the end of 2010.

Eleven co-workers, and you can wish them all Happy Holidays at the same time in one push-to-talk action with Nextel Group Connect(R), one of the many group services and other features that allow you to communicate instantly on Nextel Direct Connect handsets on the fastest national push-to-talk network.5

Twelve...well, actually, 24 hours a day, every day: That’s how long Sprint is working to make sure the Now Network is performing at its best-ever levels. Indeed, Sprint tested as the most reliable 3G network in comparison to AT&T and Verizon in a 13-city 3G performance test conducted by PC World.6

Twelve ways the Sprint Now Network can make your life easier and more joyful - during the holidays and all year long. And, with calling plans like Sprint Everything Data with Any Mobile, Anytime, you can do it affordably. Happy Holidays from Sprint!


Sprint Nextel offers a comprehensive range of wireless and wireline communications services bringing the freedom of mobility to consumers, businesses and government users. Sprint Nextel is widely recognized for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies, including two wireless networks serving more than 48 million customers at the end of the third quarter of 2009 and the first and only 4G service from a national carrier in the United States; industry-leading mobile data services; instant national and international push-to-talk capabilities; and a global Tier 1 Internet backbone. The company’s customer-focused strategy has led to improved first call resolution and customer care satisfaction scores. For more information, visit

  1. "Dependable" based on independent, third-party drive tests for 3G data connection success, session reliability and signal strength for the top 50 most populous US markets (including Puerto Rico) from February 2008 to October 2009. Not all services available on 3G and coverage may default to separate network when 3G unavailable.
  2. Newsweek Green Rankings based upon environmental impact, green policies and performance, and reputation survey scores as of Sept. 21, 2009.
  3. Music Downloads:Music downloads are $0.99 per song with a data included plan or add-on or $2.50 per song without a data plan. A $0.03/KB data charge may apply.
  4. "Up to 10x Faster" based on download speed comparison of 3G’s 600 kbps vs. 4G’s 6 Mbps. Typical published 3G avg. speeds (600 kbps-1.7 Mbps); 4G avg. speeds (3-6 Mbps). Actual speeds may vary.
  5. "Fastest" based on initial call set-up time.
  6. PC World’s tests included thirteen major cities with more than twenty tests per city from all regions of the country during a two month period from March & April 2009. In all, 5443 individual tests from 283 testing locations were conducted for each provider’s 3G service. Testing was one minute in duration, and network performance can be highly variable from neighborhood to neighborhood.

SOURCE: Sprint

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