April 29, 2014
In a series of 2014 initiatives, Sprint is bringing premium audio to mobile devices, making it a one-stop shopping experience for music lovers, providing an array of devices, music apps and audio speakers like the Harman Kardon® Onyx Studio™ wireless speaker system, which went on sale exclusively from Sprint in the United States earlier this year, to give customers a premium sound experience.
Sprint has a long history as an innovator in music services and accessories for the mobile space. It was the first U.S. wireless carrier to launch a mobile phone with a built-in MP3 player, offer streaming radio on mobile phones, and stream full-length concerts live on mobile phones.
Today, Sprint redefined the way a smartphone should sound with the exclusive HTC One® (M8) Harman Kardon® edition.

Sprint also introduced a national entertainment platform – Sprint Sound Sessions – at the core of which is a premium package of music and privileges for Sprint customers. Sprint Sound Sessions includes:
  • Spotify – Sprint is giving customers access to Spotify’s catalogue of more than 20 million songs. Spotify allows users to play music on demand, create playlists, discover new music, share tracks with their friends, listen to songs offline, and listen to music without ads across multiple devices.
  • Sprint Music Plus – Sprint’s official music store and player for music tracks, albums, ringtones and ringback tones.
  • Music Live – an immersive and interactive experience that is continuously updated with the latest music news, current hits, new music and featured services. The “always-on” live experience enables customers to discover and engage with services that include Spotify, Music News Feed, Top Songs, NextRadio (FM Radio) – Music Downloads, Ringback Tones, Ringtones and ID-a-Song services.
  • NextRadio – an application for listening to local FM broadcasts on customers’ smartphones.

Spotify access for Sprint Framily Plan customers:

Sprint Sound Sessions will also include premium access to streaming music services, premium and discounted access to live music events, exclusive performance recordings, and advanced access to new artist releases. Sprint Sound Sessions will constantly evolve, combining benefits and exclusive opportunities that make music more accessible, memorable, and ultimately more satisfying for Sprint customers.

Sprint believes that the mobile experience should evolove as music does: