October 22, 2014
Neither snow nor rain (nor lost trailer) could be the motto of Mail Transport Services (MTS), Sprint Business and Spireon.
The Greensboro, N.C., company moves tons of bulk mail and packages each day in 170 trailers for the United States Post Office. If a trailer ends up at the wrong loading dock or breaks down along the side of the highway and a package or letter doesn’t reach its destination, the USPS can elect to use another transport contractor.
That’s why Chad Cline, CEO of MTS, has his employees working smarter and more productively with Sprint smartphones and Sprint-recommended GPS solutions in its trucks. In May of 2014, Cline wanted more visibility and operational efficiency with his mail-carrying trailers. He took the advice of Sprint Account Executive Alison Huber and tried Sprint’s Try Buy Program to pilot Spireon’s Fleet-Locate and in particular, Spireon’s Trailer Management Solution.  
The Spireon Trailer Management Solution in real-time connects Cline to the trailers, giving him instant access to intelligence for complete visibility into his fleet. The web-based intuitive interface tells MTS exactly where its trailers are, where they’ve been and where they’re going — at any given time.
“I need to know where my trailers are at all times,” Cline says. “FleetLocate and Sprint wireless connectivity gives me the details I need to make quick and informed decisions on my trucks and trailers, operations and bottom line.”

Other GPS asset tracking technology provides a couple snapshots a day of moving trailers. Spireon gives Cline a location every 10 minutes, offering the most current and accurate picture of his fleet’s position and movement. The Spireon technology also provides a wealth of rich data at the asset and trailer level, and translates the data into easy-to-understand analytics and intelligence.    

Spireon’s FleetLocate also helps Cline’s staff manage the maintenance of the trailers more efficiently -- another cost saver for MTS. Previously, maintenance was scheduled by date and not usage or mileage which meant unnecessary trips for repairs. A geo-fencing detail in the Spireon software also alerts MTS when trailers are being used in an “unauthorized manner.”   

“We now have much better CSA (Compliance, Safety and Accountability) scores which means less fines and less costs,” Cline said.

Cline also liked the easy installation of the Spireon devices on his trailers and the quickness with which his drivers and dispatchers have taken to the solution.

“It’s taken the mystery out of the finding the occasional missing trailer,” Cline said. “We know instantly if another contractor is using an MTS trailer and we can prove it with our online analytics. All of the cost savings our team thought we’d get by trialing Spireon FleetLocate via the Sprint Try Buy program have materialized. I know we’re saving money with this solution.”