By Crystal Davis, Crisis Communications & Public Affairs Manager 
July 10, 2013

We’re officially three storms into the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season with the recent emergence of Tropical Storm Chantal. And while Sprint employees have successfully provided seamless service to general customers and first responders through dozens of hurricanes, winter storms and other unpredictable behavior from Mother Nature, we by far are not weather experts.
Fortunately for you, Sprint formed a brilliant partnership with an experienced weather and hurricane forecaster more than 10 years ago.
Mark Sudduth, founder of, has more than 50 hurricanes and named tropical storms under his belt, and uses Sprint’s wireless devices and services to track these weather incidents, stream live video of their impact, and provide up-to-the-minute data and webcam images.
He’s been happily testing how his new, rugged Kyocera Torque will withstand the current Atlantic Hurricane Season and took a few minutes to recommend weather apps and tech accessories that he uses and might prove helpful to Sprint customers:
  • Hurricane Impact, by Mark and his team, has a live “Surge Cam" developed specifically for the app, live video reports from the field, and other great features. It’s expected to also be available on Android devices sometime this month.
  • Featured by CNN, Macworld, The Huffington Post, ZDNet and The New York Times, Hurricane Pro has great tracking and mapping tools, and animated satellite images and radar.
  • RadarScope – available via iOS and Android – provides weather radar information so stellar, it’s a favorite among weather enthusiasts and meteorologists.
  • For serious weather buffs, Hurricane HD for iPad provides great historical details on Atlantic storms and hurricanes dating as far back as 1851, and even dispenses information on current weather systems in English, as well as Spanish.
  • The American Red Cross free app – simply named Hurricane – helps users finds Red Cross shelters in their area when they’re in need; provides a customizable “I’m Safe” alert for Facebook, Twitter, email and text messaging; and monitors weather conditions using updates from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
  • Mark divides six Joby LED lights  among his and Sudduth families. The lights run on AA batteries and can last up to 80 hours during the most frightful of hurricanes.
  • Rounding out Mark’s must-have list are his three portable power packs from Mophie. Any of these external battery or smartphone power cases would make a great addition to your family’s hurricane prep kit.
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