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December 14, 2018
by Jim Curran, Senior Vice President-Consumer Marketing

Countdown to Christmas! Sprint’s 2018 Gift Guide – Ideas for Everyone, Even Yourself

December 14, 2018
by Jim Curran, Vicepresidente Sénior de Marketing para Clientes

¡Empieza la cuenta regresiva para la Navidad! Guía de Regalos 2018 de Sprint – Ideas para todos, incluso para ti

December 05, 2018
by Kevin Cordes, Sprint Product Development

More Fantastic Holiday Offers Available from Sprint – Get 50% Off iPhone X

Switch to Sprint and get iPhone X 64GB for 50% off your Sprint Flex lease.

December 05, 2018
by Mike Hennigan, Regional Vice President, Network

Sprint is Getting Ready for the Big Game and 5G in Atlanta

November 30, 2018
by Lou Granberry, Director of Retail Sales, South Region and Captain, U.S. Marine Corps 1988-1995

Sprint to Sponsor Military Makeover Show on Lifetime TV

November 30, 2018
by Rob Roy, chief digital officer

Sprint’s Supercharged Digital Transformation

November 19, 2018
by Katey Chamblin, Sprint Marketing

Holiday Jackpot: Lease One, Get One iPhone XR from Sprint

It may be better to give than to receive, but Sprint is making it easy to do both this holiday season.

November 09, 2018
by John Stevens, South Region President

Sprint Employees show gratitude at National Cemeteries across the South Region

November 09, 2018
by Lisa Binkley, Sprint Product Development

Three Holiday “Must-Haves” from Samsung Arrive in Sprint Stores Today

Samsung has three new products that arrive in Sprint stores today and I promise they are likely to be on lots of holiday “must-have” gift lists.

November 09, 2018
by Kathleen Dunleavy, Sprint Corporate Communications

Get $100 Off of the Amazing Apple Watch Series 4 from Sprint

This is a perfect time to pick up an Apple Watch Series 4 and get $100 off, try Sprint, experience the Network Built for Unlimited and get the greatest wearable on the market.