By Stephen Bye, Chief Technology Officer, Sprint 
September 23, 2013
Get a glimpse into the future of wireless

 Smartphones are undeniably smart in 2013 – allowing us to book a flight, locate  our children, listen to music, read books, video chat, watch movies and so much  more. But, what we can do today is only the tip of the iceberg and none of these  services are possible without a network.  It Takes a Network™ to make a  smartphone “smart.”

 In the future, our wireless network will be faster and our services will be much more  intuitive. Because of our network we will be able to anticipate, predict and make  recommendations based on your preferences and your consent.

We’re building a brilliant network that will be able to see, feel, hear and think. Imagine our network determining whether your cough is due to an allergy, cold or flu virus.  Then it notifies you. And if you’re a parent, it sends you information about your child’s cough when they’re at school. Or the network monitors your heart rate in addition to other selected vitals and sends you health information, or even detects emotion and sends you a joke when you feel down.

What if, based on where you are looking on the display, it launches an application automatically? Or when you look down it scrolls through your contacts or down a Web page so you don’t have to swipe your finger across the screen? Why touch a screen when all you need is a glance or gesture?

Today smartphones are passive. We tell the device what we want it to do. In the future your device and the network could be your personal concierge, predicting what you want and need based on learning your behavior or relying on information you provide. For instance, it could know based on your calendar where you are heading and suggest an alternate route if there is traffic congestion. If an important event is rescheduled during the time you’re supposed to be on a flight, it will automatically look for an alternative flight – making suggestions and booking it upon your confirmation.  

These amazing ideas aren’t in the too distant future. At Sprint we have a clear vision for the future of wireless and how we plan to get there – with participation from ecosystem players and partners. It’s not going to happen overnight, but it is coming. And your privacy will always be our utmost concern. You will have the choice to use these new enhancements and our privacy policy will evolve as technology advances.  

These exciting possibilities are meant to make your life easier by augmenting reality. I believe that technology innovation can enhance human happiness, healthiness and awareness. Wireless networks enable entertainment, communication and collaboration.  I am very confident that 10 years ago you never dreamt you’d be using your mobile phone to do half the things you use it for today.

The video you see here illustrates a portion of our vision.   

Family life is hectic in 2013. Just imagine how much busier it will become in several years. In this video you will see that advances in wireless technology and faster network speeds help a family stay connected and perform tasks remotely and seamlessly. Mom is traveling on business, dad is busy taking care of his kids and grandpa, their daughter Emily is running errands and their son Kyle is getting ready for his little league game. Everyone wants to make it to Kyle’s baseball game on time where he’s starting pitcher for the first time and to grandpa’s birthday party that same night. 

You’ll see augmented reality, real-time natural language translation, streaming video, facial recognition, secure remote access, intelligent presence, voice, visual and movement based pattern recognition, mobile concierge, biomedical monitoring, multi-party streaming video and more – all made possible by a robust, intelligent, fast and brilliant network. Sprint. It Takes a Network™