How we innovate with your privacy in mind We hold ourselves to high standards for privacy protection across our company.
  • When we launched our mobile advertising and reporting and analytics programs, we took the extra step to underscore our privacy commitment to our customers: we engaged TRUSTe, now TrustArc, a leading data privacy management company offering privacy certification solutions and compliance technology, to validate our privacy protocols and policies for these two programs. We want to ensure that we are honoring privacy choices made by our customers.
  • We are a supporting member of the Future of Privacy forum which researches best practices on consumer privacy protection.
  • We follow the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Guidelines. The MMA provides best practices for mobile marketing on mobile devices.
  • We adhere to CTIA’s Best Practices and Guidelines for Location-Based Services - all carriers must follow this voluntary code of best practices, focusing on transparency and choice.
  • We are supporting members of the Digital Advertising Alliance. We display the AboutAds icon on our website providing notice and choice to our customers.