Kathleen Dunleavy

September 15, 2017

Represent your team and catch Pokémon like never before!


Hey Trainers! Stop by a Sprint Pokémon GO PokéStop or Gym (also known as a Sprint store) to take advantage of two great…but, limited time offers. You can easily find a local Sprint store by visiting www.sprint.com/storelocator.


Free Sprint Pokémon GO Phone Skin: Members of Team Instinct, Team Mystic and Team Valor are invited to visit a Sprint store to get a free ultra-lightweight protective skin for their smartphones, while supplies last.1 You need to be registered for the Sprint Trainer Rewards Program - it doesn’t matter who your wireless carrier is - then step into a Sprint store and show your Sprint Trainer Rewards digital ID card to a store representative.

The phone skins will only be available for a limited time. Act quickly! If you’re not registered for the Sprint Trainer Rewards Program, it only takes a minute www.sprint.com/pokemongo.



Switch to Sprint and get a Free Pokémon GO Plus: Get a Free Pokémon GO Plus, which allows you to catch Pokémon in the wild with a click of a button when paired with your smartphone.2 You will receive this cool wearable and be able to gather more Poké Balls, Berries, and Pokémon Eggs AND get the best value in fully-featured Unlimited among national carriers - for only $22.50/mo. per line for 4 lines. Plus, for a limited time, your 5th line is free!3

Stay tuned for more updates and play on!












1 Trainers will receive a code via email and a link to the redemption site to choose from a variety of Pokémon GO Team designs.

2 Ends 10/12/17, while supplies last. Reqs Sprint Trainer Rewards Program membership and port in new line of service on Unlimited Freedom Plan.

3 Savings until 10/31/18; then $60/mo. for line 1, $40/mo. for line 2 and $30/mo./line for lines 3-5. With AutoPay applied w/in 2 inv. Savings claim compared to other similar national prepaid unlimited rates as 8/23/17. Carriers’ features differ. Streams video up to HD 1080p, music up to 1.5mbps, gaming up to 8mbps. Data deprioritization during congestion. MHS, P2P and VPN reduced to 2G speeds after 10GB/mo.  Other monthly charges apply.