By Nichole Pichardo
October 16, 2013

Always on the go? Whether you need to take your work with you to the coffee shop or just want the option of playing your favorite games while waiting at the doctor’s office, there are many advantages to investing in a mobile hotspot device.

Using a mobile hotspot is super easy! If you have data service (through your Sprint My All-InSM plan, for example), add a mobile hotspot plan,  set-up your hotspot, add it as a known network to your devices and get connected!

Just in case you aren’t quite convinced, below are some additional advantages to purchasing a mobile hotspot:

1. Stay connected, virtually anywhere
Mobile hotspots can be used wherever you are able to get a mobile signal. This means you can use it outdoors, in the park, on the bus, on the train, in your favorite coffee shop, basically just about anywhere you choose.

2. No land line required It is possible to save money by not having a fixed phone landline Internet connection at home if you want to exclusively use a mobile hotspot to connect to the Web. Standard home broadband requires a fixed landline to be in place which comes at a cost. Mobile hotspots don’t.

3. No software installation Yes, no installation CDs! With a mobile hotspot, all you have to do is turn the device on, locate the Wi-Fi® network, follow the prompts and within minutes you are connected to the Internet.

4. Share with friends and family If a friend or family member needs to get access to the Internet, feel free to share! Most mobile hotspot devices can connect between five and 10 different devices all at the same time, such as laptops, games consoles and tablets, etc.

5. Extremely flexible ways to pay Mobile hotspot plans can purchased with or without a contact. Sprint and its no-contract brand, Virgin Mobile, USA, offer a variety of ways to pay for internet on-the-go allowing you to choose the perfect plan that fits within your budget and lifestyle.

Nichole Pichardo is a communications manager for the Wireless Devices team at Sprint. She is based in sunny Southern California and primarily focuses on devices launching from HTC and LG. She is also knowledgeable about Sprint’s mobile broadband devices and service plans. Nichole can be reached at