by Angela Rittgers
senior vice president, acquisition marketing
August 21, 2018


Who doesn’t love a sale? And, a flash sale is even more fun! Because it’s here and gone in a "flash."

Sprint kicked off Flash Sales last month - look for them on These online sales offer BIG discounts on awesome smartphones, monthly pricing plans and more. Our Flash Sales will offer customers unbelievable value. Period.

As the industry price leader, we’re always looking for new ways to offer the best value to our customers. In this case, we decided to do something a little dramatic, slightly different and a whole lot of fun.    


There’s so much going on in wireless - special discounts, new offers, handset deals - seriously, it can be overwhelming to find good promotions (and the right promotion just for you). That’s why we decided on Flash Sales - to cut through all that clutter with BIG discounts. You know, the kind that makes you get up off the couch, stop checking social media and say: "Sprint is doing what?"

So far we’ve launched amazing deals for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Don’t worry if you missed those because more Flash Sales are coming. In fact…we’ve got TWO launching later this week. I know you’re going to love these (hint, we’re bringing back a fan favorite).


Keep your eyes peeled for more information about Flash Sales. You’ll see online advertising, social media updates (follow @Sprint) and you can check back here for updates and visit