by Trevor Van Norman
Product Marketing
June 06, 2019

I’m a super proud father of a newborn daughter and a teenage son, who’s already driving. On top of all the other parental worries, I’m concerned about safe driving for both of them – for her, as a passenger, and for him, all the time.

I’m pleased that Sprint again is joining AAA on its “100 Deadliest Days” campaign. We’ve had a relationship with AAA for more than two decades, and we’re again helping to keep roads safer by educating parents and teens about how to minimize risky behavior and prepare for summer driving.

The name of the campaign is shocking. So are the facts. During the past five years nearly 3,500 people have been killed in crashes involving teen drivers between Memorial Day and Labor Day – the 100 Deadliest Days. New crash data from 2013-2017 reveals major factors contributing to fatal teen crashes during the summer driving period include:


  • Speeding (28%)
  • Drinking and driving (17%)
  • Distraction (9%)


One tip AAA offers parents is to teach by example. Personally, I try to be a good role model by demonstrating safe and responsible driving. For example, I never text while driving. I’m also a true believer in using extra tech assistance like our safe driving solution, Sprint Drive.

Sprint Drive is a small wireless device that plugs in near a car’s steering column, keeps drivers connected to their cars, and provides real-time information from a smart phone or browser. 

Think of it like a driver’s report card – Sprint Drive gives a weekly driver score from 1-100 and identifies locations where the driver has demonstrated hard acceleration, braking or cornering.  I call these the “ABCs” of safe driving.  Sprint Drive also provides real-time location so parents know where the vehicle is at all times and sends notifications if the driver exceeds a predetermined speed limit, is in motion after curfew, or enters or leaves a designated safety area (often referred to as a geo fence). 

Learn MoreThe safety features of Sprint Drive give parents peace of mind and help to identify weaknesses and potential issues with driving behavior. The diagnostics and roadside assistance are additional benefits that help young drivers understand their cars and provide a sense of well-being. 

I would also bet that teens will drive safer if they know their parents can get notifications about location and driving behavior.  Best of all, this summer Sprint Drive has a special promotional offer: The device is free with a qualifying service plan.

I know my son always seems to be on his best behavior when I am close by! Have a great and safe summer.

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