January 03, 2014
It’s no surprise that as smartphone and tablet adoption rates skyrocket, so do usage activities like mobile shopping. Following this year’s Black Friday shopping weekend, it was clear that if you didn’t have mobile in your advertising mix you were a lot more than fashionably late to the party.
But just swan diving into the mobile punchbowl is probably not your wisest move. There are some strategic ways to maximize your ad spend based on specific data points. Things like demographics and date range are obvious. But precision targeting by specific audience segments – auto, consumer goods, travel, etc. – can allow you to focus your best offers on your best audience and get the highest CTR.
Pinsight Media+, powered by Sprint, did it’s our own in-depth analysis of mobile browsing and advertising performance trends across the Sprint and Pinsight Media+ Network over the holiday season to demonstrate this point. And guess what – someone (ahem, Electronics) missed a big opportunity. Don’t let it happen to you in 2014.

Read the full analysis here.