February 28, 2018

Husband and wife team, Nick and Alison Durante own Vivid Wraps, a growing vehicle wrap business in Cincinnati, Ohio. Tired of paying Verizon Wireless high prices for low-quality customer service, the Durante’s made the switch to Sprint.


The Challenge

Before choosing Sprint, the Durante’s were on opposite sides of the fence when it came to their wireless carrier. Nick had been an avid Verizon user, while Alison was steadfast with Sprint. Lured by the promise of a larger network, Alison hesitantly jumped on the Verizon bandwagon.


“I realized we were paying practically double what we would be paying with Sprint,” said Alison. “Paying a higher price for Verizon wouldn’t have necessarily been a deal breaker if the network were exponentially better or customer service was great, but unfortunately we didn’t experience either of those things.”


While the Durantes were with Verizon, they dealt with poor customer service and network issues.


“It was incredibly difficult to get anybody in customer service to correct mistakes on our bills for example. It was like nobody was willing to help,” said Alison. “Also, the network proved to be pretty spotty. We’re a mobile business, so traveling to different parts of the city and having service is extremely important. There were countless times where I would try to send a picture from a customer visit and it wouldn’t go through.”  


The Durante’s needed to make a change. They needed Sprint.


Switching to Sprint

After the Durante’s switched to Sprint, the transition proved to be even better than expected.


For example, previously, Nick used his personal cellphone for business. Not a big deal during the day, but after hours it was headache inducing. He was getting calls at all hours of the night. He spoke with Sprint about the issue and they quickly suggested he direct the calls to a new business land line.


“The reps I spoke with at the Sprint store were very knowledgeable and had a quick solution for the problem,” said Nick. “And with the addition of the business land line and multiple other lines, I’m still paying less.”


“I feel Sprint is always making changes to improve the customer experience,” said Alison. “They are always adding towers, improving their customer service and improving policies. I truly believe they put their customers first and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep you happy and work with you much more than other companies.”


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