October 21, 2019

Thursday, Oct. 24, 2019

Wrapping up MWC LA

MWC LA comes to a close today. If you’re at the show and haven’t had a chance to visit us, sprint on over to our booth this morning to learn more about our recent announcements, Sprint True Mobile 5G, Curiosity IoT and much more. Be sure to try out all our demos, too.

Sprint Booth at MWC Los Angeles 2019Sprint Booth at MWC Los Angeles 2019

Sprint Booth at MWC Los Angeles 2019Sprint Booth at MWC Los Angeles 2019Sprint Booth at MWC Los Angeles 2019

Gaming in the world of 5G

Sprint’s vice president of 5G Strategy, Bryan Fries, participated in a fireside chat Wednesday afternoon that centered on 5G innovation and gaming. It’s no secret that gaming will be taken to a whole new level with 5G, so the discussion was not only pertinent, but lively.

Sprint VP of 5G Strategy Bryan Fries speaking at MWC Los Angeles 2019

We were excited to showcase our news, technology and executives speaking at the show. Thanks for joining us. Until next time...


Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019

Sprint tech is on display

The Sprint booth at MWC19 los Angeles is a great destination for attendees to find out the latest on our Sprint True Mobile 5G, Curiosity IoT, and more Sprint technology. We’re using VR, AR and robotics in our exhibit and are doing innovative demos with Nokia and Ericsson (including at the Ericsson booth where you’ll also find a top gamer, AtomicMari, playing powered by Sprint True Mobile 5G and one of our Sprint 5G devices, the HTC Hub). Swing by!

Sprint Booth at MWC Los Angeles 2019Sprint Booth at MWC Los Angeles 2019

Sprint Booth at MWC Los Angeles 2019Sprint Booth at MWC Los Angeles 2019AtomicMari gaming over Sprint 5G at the Ericsson Booth at MWC Los Angeles 2019


Geldmacher hits on 5G, IoT and AI in keynote

In a keynote today, Sprint Business President Jan Geldmacher talked about how 5G will revolutionize the way we use artificial intelligence and IoT, creating new business models and applications. He shared news about the Sprint 5G and Curiosity IoT collaboration with ASU and examples of innovative work with other companies in the SoftBank ecosystem.

CTO talks 5G

John Saw, Sprint chief technology officer, joined Chris Nicoll for a fireside chat that covered the launch of Sprint True Mobile 5G in nine metro areas, our recent expansion of coverage to approximately 16 million people in those cities, and other info about Sprint’s network and technology.

Sprint CTO Dr. John Saw speaking at MWC Los Angeles 2019


Tuesday, Oct. 22, 2019

Ready to kick off MWC Los Angeles 2019 today? We are and started the day with a number of announcements and executives speaking. Here are the highlights:


The Promise of IoT Connectivity

Ivo Rook, senior vice president-IoT, closed out Tuesday with an IoT-focused panel where he shared the latest news about the company’s Curiosity IoT offering including NB-IoT, a new private network option and exciting relationship with Arizona State University.

Ivo Rook, SVP of IoT at Sprint, presenting at MWC Los Angeles 2019

Reaching the Promise of 5G

Today at the Light Reading breakfast, Bryan Fries talked about how the promise of 5G will expand beyond our imagination through innovation and bold partnerships. At the Fierce Wireless event, Ron Marquardt (second from right) joined a panel and discussed Sprint 5G and new business models for 5G.

Bryan Fries, Sprint VP of 5G Strategy, presenting at MWC Los Angeles 2019Ron Marquardt, VP of Technology at Sprint, participating in a panel at MWC Los Angeles 2019

Sprint Expands True Mobile 5G to Cover Approximately 16 Million People Within Nine Metro Areas

Sprint has expanded its True Mobile 5G service to now cover approximately 16 million people -- previously approximately 11 million -- within our nine metropolitan areas. Where Sprint 5G is available, customers with 5G devices are experiencing dramatically faster speeds, with initial 5G performance results showing a nearly 6X increase in average download speed compared to LTE.

Learn more here: https://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-expands-true-mobile-5g-to-cover-approximately-16-million-people-within-nine-metropolitan-areas.htm

Sprint and Arizona State University to Combine Innovation with 5G and Curiosity™ IoT

Sprint is working with Arizona State University to help drive economic, educational, technological and social growth for an entire region of Arizona, leveraging the power of Sprint’s True Mobile 5G and Curiosity IoT’s advanced dedicated network and operating system. The multiyear project will enable massive 5G campus connectivity, create new IoT curriculum, and kick-start joint scientific research.

Learn more here: https://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-and-arizona-state-university-to-combine-innovation-with-5g-and-curiosity-iot-in-groundbreaking-collaboration-to-reach-millions-residents-students.htm

Sprint Extends CuriosityTM  to Include Private IoT Networks

Sprint announced it would launch a private network solution -- in partnership with Ericsson -- that brings IoT to the Edge on its groundbreaking Curiosity™ IoT Core and Curiosity™ OS. The solution design, purpose-built for IoT, enables enterprise customers to manage IoT applications that have critical requirements, such as low latency or local breakout, without the need to traverse the macro network. Data from devices is turned into intelligence locally, creating benefits for a variety of verticals, such as manufacturing, public safety and mining, to reach the other on-premise devices or application services.

Learn more here: https://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-extends-curiosity-to-include-private-iot-networks.htm

NB-IoT Now Available on Sprint’s Curiosity™ IoT

Sprint announces the availability of NB-IoT on its Curiosity™ IoT platform. A complement to the nationwide Cat-M rollout, NB-IoT further expands low-power wide area network access to its dedicated, virtualized and distributed network and operating system, purpose-engineered for IoT. The combination of CAT-M and NB-IoT brings flexibility to address the unique demands of diverse connected device use cases. With the rollout of NB-IoT, Sprint is meeting the needs of small and medium businesses, enterprises and government entities in how to connect, manage and secure its people, places and things.

Learn more here: https://newsroom.sprint.com/nb-iot-now-available-on-sprints-curiosity-iot.htm.


Monday, Oct. 21, 2019

MWC19 Los Angeles starts tomorrow but Sprint is getting the news rolling today. Check out today’s two announcements (and stay tuned for more):

Sprint Adds Two Products to Indoor Small Cell Portfolio for Home and Small Business

Sprint unveiled two new indoor small cell solutions to improve data coverage and speeds in residences and businesses. The devices are a small femtocell, Pebble, for improved indoor voice and data coverage,  and a new “Silver” version of the award-winning Sprint Magic Box.

Silver is designed to improve data coverage and speeds. See both on display at the Sprint booth starting Tuesday. Learn more here: https://newsroom.sprint.com/sprint-adds-two-products-to-indoor-small-cell-portfolio-for-home-and-small-business.htm.

Vuzix Announces Smart Glasses Remote Worker Connectivity Bundle on Sprint Curiosity™ IoT

Sprint and Vuzix Corporation today announced the launch of a turnkey Vuzix Smart Glasses Remote Worker Connectivity Bundle. It consists of cellular connectivity bundle on the Sprint Curiosity™ IoT core network, including an Inseego MiFi 8000 hotspot, Vuzix Remote Assist, a see-what-I-see SaaS solution, and one of three Vuzix smart glasses options - Vuzix M300XL, Vuzix Blade or Vuzix M400. The Vuzix Smart Glasses and the Inseego MiFi 8000 hotspot will come pre-kitted and connected to the Sprint Curiosity™ core IoT network, providing a turnkey solution for enterprise customers and their remote workers. Learn more here: https://newsroom.sprint.com/vuzix-announces-smart-glasses-remote-worker-connectivity-bundle-on-sprint-curiosity-iot.htm.


Sprint at MWC Los Angeles 2019

MWC Los Angeles 2019 is one of the newest and fastest growing industry gatherings, and Sprint again will be among the companies exhibiting and sharing exciting news Oct. 22-24 about 5G, network technology and IoT.

Sprint executives will be speaking, including Jan Geldmacher, president-Sprint Business; John Saw, chief technology officer; Ivo Rook, senior vice president-IoT; Ron Marquardt, vice president-Technology Development; and Bryan Fries, vice president-5G Strategy.

·     On Tuesday, Oct. 22, Marquardt kicks things off at 7:30 a.m. PT on a FierceWireless breakfast panel covering “The Road to 5G: Exploring the Business Models.” At the same time, Fries will keynote at Light Reading’s “5G Network & Service Strategies” breakfast workshop. Later that afternoon (3:45 p.m. PT) Rook will share his expertise on the “The Promise of IoT Connectivity” panel.

·     Wednesday morning, Oct. 23, finds Geldmacher speaking during the morning’s keynote session from 9-10:35 a.m. PT where he’ll address 5G, the AI business model, and unlocking business opportunities for Sprint within the SoftBank ecosystem. His keynote can be seen via live stream at mobileworldlive.com. At 10:45 a.m. PT, Saw will do a fireside chat as part of the “CTOs Talk 5G” keynote. At 4 p.m. PT Fries is scheduled to participate in the panel “5G: A Gaming Changer” – a discussion about disruptive innovation.


Visit Sprint at MWC19 Los Angeles

Entering LACC South Hall (Stand 1702), find exciting demos showcasing Sprint’s True Mobile 5G coverage in parts of nine metropolitan areas and available 5G devices, Curiosity IoT, Massive MIMO,  and small cell technology, robotics and more. 

·     Sprint and Nokia will demonstrate a throughput rate of more than 2 Gbps using split-mode Massive MIMO technology, along with a fun VR soccer demo focused on latency.

·     Learn more about Sprint’s True Mobile 5G footprint across parts of nine U.S. cities.

·     Check out Standalone NR running on 2.5 GHz streaming video to a Qualcomm MTP at the Ericsson booth (S.1724).

·     An interactive Augmented Reality experience lets visitors explore the multitude of scenarios in ways the Sprint network and Curiosity IoT and other Sprint products can help people, businesses and organizations.

·     Visitors are invited to “Pique Your Curiosity” as they learn about ways that Sprint Curiosity IoT and Ericsson are applying our networks and technology to drive meaningful outcomes today, actively shaping the world of tomorrow – fueled by 5G, IoT, and artificial intelligence. The demos are available at both the Sprint and Ericsson exhibits.

·     Interact with a CloudMinds XR-1 robot and learn about future low-latency command and control with Sprint 5G.

·     See newly announced small cells Sprint is adding to improve the indoor experience in homes and small businesses: the Pebble femtocell and Sprint Magic Box Silver. Learn more about these new small cells here.

Sprint plans to make several additional announcements during the event, so bookmark this page and check back for updates throughout the week and follow us on Twitter @SprintNews.