By Mark Walker, Regional Vice President, Network
May 23, 2016
As delegates of the Republican and Democratic parties gear up to choose their presidential nominees, Sprint is on the ground working hard to prepare the network to support these big events. Thousands are expected to flock to Cleveland and Philadelphia, and you can bet that each attendee will have a device in-hand, ready to capture and share their favorite moments.
To ensure our customers have a reliable wireless experience inside and outside the convention venues, we’re deploying various solutions to increase our network capacity and performance. Most of these upgrades are permanent and will continue to benefit our customers long after the conventions convene.
Part of our recent network investment included upgrading hundreds of 2.5GHz cell sites in Philadelphia and Cleveland with the addition of carrier aggregation, an LTE-Advanced technology that doubles speed and capacity and delivers peak speeds of more than 100Mbps to capable devices.
Philadelphia – Democratic National Convention
In Philadelphia, our engineers are bolstering service at Wells Fargo Center, the main Democratic National Convention venue, by upgrading the system to add 800MHz, 1.9GHz and 2.5GHz 4G LTE service. In addition we’re adding two-channel carrier aggregation to our 2.5GHz service in the venue, effectively doubling speed and capacity by creating a wider lane that enables more traffic to move at faster rates.
Convention travelers making their way through Philadelphia International Airport will also benefit from strong service. At PHL Sprint is tied for #1 in data performance and has the fastest median download speed according to independent mobile analytics firm RootMetrics®.1
Cleveland – Republican National Convention
My colleagues in the Central Region (led by network regional vice president Scott Santi) are also working to make sure our customers have a great wireless experience. Inside Quicken Loans Arena (the main Republican National Convention venue), and at the Cleveland Convention Center, they’re lighting-up the indoor wireless systems at both venues with 4G LTE service. In downtown Cleveland they’re also deploying a new outdoor wireless system slated to be on-air prior to the convention. Lastly they’ll bring in additional temporary capacity with COWs (mobile cell sites on wheels).
We look forward to welcoming the Republican and Democratic delegates and party nominees to Cleveland and Philadelphia. And we’re excited to play our part keeping Sprint customers connected while they capture and share their favorite convention moments. 

1Rankings based on RootMetrics PHL Airport RootScore® Report (April 21, 2016) for mobile performance as tested on best available plans and devices on 4 mobile networks across all available network types.