INFOGRAPHIC: See how a wireless call works. There is a lot that goes into completing every wireless call – a service is vitally dependent on commercial power and Local Exchange Carriers (LECs). During emergency situations and inclement weather, there is potential for these resources to be impaired and severely impacted.

Hurricane Information 

INFOGRAPHIC: Sprint network staff prepares resources, personnel, and Sprint’s wireless and wireline infrastructure for pending storms.

May 24, 2017 Sprint Powers Network Infrastructure to Weather the Storm This Hurricane Season

Sprint ERT

Unique to Sprint, the Emergency Response Team (ERT) provides short-term wireless telecommunications equipment, infrastructure and operations support to federal, state/local public safety, law enforcement, military and private sector entities when it matters most. These services can be deployed during business continuity and recovery efforts, declared emergencies, agency-specific events, field training exercises, National Special Security and pre-planned events.

Read more about the ERT’s operations and equipment

Contact Information

For Consumers:
subscribers impacted by hurricanes should contact eCare with concerns.

For Reporters and Media:
Note: Sprint media officials have no access to data for questions about customer accounts.

Adrienne Norton, Sprint 425-256-7014