August 28, 2013

Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO, sat down with Robert Reiss, the host of The CEO TV Show to discuss what Sprint did to improve the customer experience in order to become the most improved company in customer satisfaction, across all 47 industries studied during the last five years, according to results from the 2013 American Customer Satisfaction Index.

(VIDEO) The CEO Show: Dan Hesse, CEO of Sprint on Creating a New Customer Experience
Key to the improvement was getting every employee on board and “putting a hand on an oar and rowing it in the same direction,” according to Hesse. To do this, the company set three main priorities to work on: (1) improve the customer experience, which is the foundation of (2) improving the brand, and fundamental to (3) improving cash.
Next, Hesse discusses how Sprint established a culture of 10 imperatives that define Sprint and help to get things done. Three of the most important of these imperatives are: 
  • Be customer-oriented
  • Accountability
  • Do It Now
To get all employees aligned with the company goal of improving the customer experience, Hesse also talks about the importance of tying employees’ compensation and rewards – from the CEO to the mailroom – to satisfaction improvements.