March 11, 2019

Just as many of you look forward to leaving behind a cold winter and embracing the sunshine, our team looks forward to welcoming new iconic phones, including the Galaxy S10 series and the LG V50 ThinQ 5G. Spring is also the time to get your brackets in order to root for the home team. This year, we came up with a fun way to look back on some of the most iconic product launches -- and produce a little madness of our own.

Today we kick off our first Sprint Classic Phones Showdown! Here’s how it works: We’ve gone back in time to select some of the most iconic Sprint phones ever (and some of our favorites!). We are pitting them against each other in our Showdown bracket. Each day, Sprint CEO Michel Combes will post a matchup as a Twitter Poll - and YOU get to vote to help us determine the MOST classic Sprint phone ever!

Ready to play?!

  • Make sure you’re checking Michel’s feed every day, so you can vote on the polls.
  • If you have a fond memory of a particular phone, leave a response for Michel. He may have some surprises for great stories…

Will Sanyo Katana make the final cut? Or will Samsung Upstage lead the pack? Is LG Fusic really the mightiest music phone of them all? Or are you reminiscing about your days of glory with Palm Pre? Those choices are up to you!