June 08, 2016

Suite of messaging solutions now available for corporate customers

The consumer proliferation of mobile messaging services, such as iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, can now be mirrored in business environments with the recent launch of Sprint Enterprise Messaging. This powerful business solution is designed to enhance business communications while ensuring company governance and control is maintained to meet standards, regulations and security needs.

This solution consists of Mobile Apps (iOS and Android), APIs, web interfaces and tools to integrate messaging with enterprise IT systems. It is the ideal alternative to using consumer messaging apps in the workplace. Just as companies manage employee’s emails, Sprint Enterprise Messaging offers tools to manage secure mobile messaging allowing policy enforcement and ensuring reliable communication.

The solution provides mobile messaging tools that are:

Managed – a company can administer, control, and enforce messaging & information transfer policies. The system includes an administrator interface, message archive, report generator and integrated company address book. 
Secure – messages and chat conversations are encrypted and password protected. Additional features include time-limited messages, PIN code enforcement, remote lock and remote wipe, in case of theft or lost mobile devices. 
Reliable – All IP Push Notifications that are not received within in a timely manner can be sent as a standard SMS message. We’ve also invested in our carrier-grade infrastructure, cross-carrier and cross-device message transmission, and emergency notification alert systems.
IT-Ready – The service offers a range of APIs that can connect the solution to any IT system in order to send and receive messages, including REST, SOAP, XML, HTTPS, SMTP and other pager replacement APIs. The new products seamlessly integrate with the Sprint Enterprise Messaging Gateway allowing increased communications effectiveness via a combination of IP, SMS and voice messages; as well as cross carrier messaging.

“Sprint is pleased to provide convenient and secure messaging for our key enterprise customers” said Marin Martinovic, Director of Business Marketing, Sprint. “The new Sprint Enterprise Messenger offers mission-critical messaging while allowing administration, governance and compliance with the tools to connect it to any IT system.”

The new enterprise messenger solutions use technology provided by TeleMessage, Inc. and includes two products – Sprint Enterprise Messenger and Sprint Secure Enterprise Messenger. While both tools are designed to improve communication and collaboration, Sprint Secure Enterprise Messenger is targeted at industries that require additional compliancy and security standards such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, utilities, and public safety.

For more information, please visit www.sprint.com/enterprise-messaging