May 19, 2015
By Tom Roberts, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sprint
The wireless industry in the United States is getting more and more confusing for consumers. Buying a phone can be a monumental task. Consumers must decide whether they should buy a subsidized phone in exchange for a two-year contract with a higher service fee, buy a phone financed by the wireless carrier with a 12-, 24- or 30-month installment payment plan, or lease a phone and exchange it every year or two.
Most carriers only advertise the price of the phone or the price of service, but never both together. This is confusing to consumers, and wireless carriers are hoping it drives them to the retail stores for clarification and ultimately a sale. Carriers never advertise the total cost of ownership – the cost of the device and the monthly rate plan.
At Sprint, we work hard to ensure that you have the best options to get your new phone, including our industry-leading leasing program. We offer more choices and flexibility than any other national carrier, so you can find the phone and plan that best fit your lifestyle and budget.
More important, we let you decide what is best for you.  Sprint, unlike the other national carriers, offers four options when buying a phone. With three of the options – leasing, installment payments or paying full retail price – you will not be tied to a monthly service contract. Sprint also offers a traditional two-year contract with a subsidized phone. When you are ready to get a new phone, our sales associates will show you all the options and the best way to save money.
iPhone for Life Plan and Sprint Lease
Leasing is the easiest and most affordable option for getting a new smartphone. With no out-of-pocket costs for qualified customers, you can get the latest high-end devices and frequent upgrades. Sprint offers two innovative leasing programs – iPhone for Life Plan and Sprint Lease. We are the first carrier in the U.S. to give customers the opportunity to lease a smartphone, and there are many great advantages to leasing from Sprint:
  • Most economical way to get the smartphone you want.
  • Qualified customers pay $0 down at point of sale.
  • At the end of the lease, trade in your device and upgrade to a new one. Just like when you lease a car.
  • iPhone for Life Plan allows qualified customers to lease the iPhone 6 16GB for $20 per month, iPhone 6 Plus 16GB for $25 per month (excluding taxes and surcharges), both with no money down on approved credit and a guarantee for a new device every two years and no annual service contract.
  • With the iPhone for Life Plan, you can save more than $575 during a two-year period versus the two-year contract option.
  • Flexible options to upgrade your phone.
  • Sprint Lease is currently available for Android smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy S6; Samsung Galaxy S6 edge; Samsung Galaxy S5; Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport; Samsung Note 4; and LG G3.
Sprint Easy Pay
We also know that some customers want an option of a low monthly payment, which allows them to own their phone at the end of two years. Sprint Easy Pay is an affordable option to pay for your phone, tablet or mobile broadband device over time. Simply purchase an eligible device and agree to 24 monthly installment payments for the device and no annual service contract. With Sprint Easy Pay you can still get a new device every year. We offer a $10 monthly charge for annual upgrades. After 12 consecutive payments, simply turn in your device for the latest model.
If your credit is less than perfect, you can still easily acquire your device through Sprint or Sprint Easy Pay. In fact, many customers will pay less than 30 percent down for their new phone.
With Sprint Lease and Sprint Easy Pay, you are not tied to an annual service contract for your monthly rate plan1.
Pay Full Retail Price for Device
You also have the choice to pay full price with no credit check and no annual service contract for a new device (pay full manufacturer suggested retail price) or for a certified pre-owned device.
Subsidized Phone with Two-Year Service Contract
Finally, we continue to offer the option of the traditional two-year contract. With this option simply sign a two-year service agreement for your monthly rate in exchange for a discounted phone.
We understand that choice, flexibility and affordability are important. With all these great options to acquire a phone and the options of no annual service contract, there is no reason not to switch to Sprint and save.
1If a customer deactivates service before the end of the lease or the installment billing agreement, either the lease accelerates or the remaining installment balance becomes due.