By Maureen Cooney, Head of Privacy, Sprint 
October 01, 2012
It’s your data and your choice.

We were guided by this principle as we updated the Sprint Privacy Policy to reflect new services that we believe will deliver value for our customers.  Protecting customer privacy is part of the handshake we make with each customer when you trust us to deliver products and services that rely on using customer data appropriately.
Privacy considerations have been central to the design and rollout of two new services we are introducing.  The first new service will provide our individual customers with more relevant mobile advertising  than they receive today, focusing  on what interests them and how they want to receive information and offers.  We also will be offering a service to business customers that can help them better  understand how to reach consumers who would be interested in what they have to offer.

With the rising prevalence of smartphones we are seeing new opportunities to provide valuable services to consumers and assist businesses with reaching customers. With our approach at Sprint, we can realize these benefits while still being sensitive to consumer privacy concerns.  

Both of our new services rely on mobile usage and customer demographic information that we already have on hand as a carrier that provides wireless phone and data services to you. Sprint will not share any identifying information about you with third parties through these services. Individual consumers remain anonymous in the data shared. 
At the heart of our new mobile advertising program is our commitment to provide our customers with choice and control.   The mobile advertising program offers customers the opportunity to opt in to the program and, by doing so, permit Sprint to share anonymous information about the way they use their devices.

Some applications and mobile web browsers will display ads whether a consumer opts in or not. Participation in this program would allow consumers  to receive more personalized ads  facilitated by Sprint.  

Ads on mobile devices are a part of life but this program provides the opportunity to allow ads more tailored to a customer’s interests.  Sprint is leaving the decision up to our customers and we will respect and protect that choice. 

Our program for providing research and analytics reports to business customers focuses on the use of aggregated data sets and anonymous data about groups of customers rather than information specific to a particular customer. We provide consumer choice through a program opt-out. Sprint is one of the first companies to provide choice to consumers about sharing such non-personalized data with third parties.   

Honoring customer privacy choices
Sprint has gone a step further to underscore our privacy commitment to our customers:  we engaged TRUSTe,  a leading data privacy management company offering privacy certification solutions and compliance technology, to validate our privacy protocols and policies for these two services. We want to ensure that we are honoring privacy choices made by our customers.  

At Sprint, we intend to earn trust, be transparent, educate consumers and provide our customers with privacy choices.

If you want to learn more about our privacy policy related to mobile advertising, reporting and analytics or anything related to our work to protect privacy, more information is available at