March 18, 2006

Host Bonnie Bernstein and Former Coaches Jim Harrick and Perry Clark Give Sprint Customers News and Analysis from All the First Round College Hoops Action

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CHICAGO — 03/18/2006

The following quotes were pulled from the Sprint Tournament Center’s coverage first round action of the men’s college basketball tournament in Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, Oakland and Atlanta...

Bonnie Bernstein:

Washington, D.C. Region
BONNIE BERNSTEIN on Murray State’s depth off the bench: "The thing about the Racers is they really have one the deeper teams you’ll find in the tournament. They’ll play nine, ten guys. And as a result, they like that up tempo style of ball."

Minneapolis Region
BONNIE BERNSTEIN on Arizona’s win over Wisconsin: "For the Wildcats, their ability to win this game came down to tempo and Arizona’s ability to control it."

BONNIE BERNSTEIN: "For Georgetown, if you had to pick an MVP I think unquestionably it would be Roy Hibbert simply because he played so well on both sides of the court."

BONNIE BERNSTEIN on Villanova playing in Philadelphia: "This is the hottest ticket among all of the regions."

Atlanta Region
BONNIE BERNSTEIN on Northwestern State’s Jermain Wallace: "You want to know Jermain Wallace. And he was such a huge catalyst for the Demons today not only helping come back from a double deficit, but hitting that game winner."

BONNIE BERNSTEIN: "Let’s talk a little bit about Cameron Bennerman, the senior for the Wolfpack. This is a kid who since his freshman year has improved every facet of his game; scoring, rebounding, assists and just the physical nature of his play. And when the game was on the line and it was tied at 52 down the stretch, this kid was money."

Jim Harrick:

Washington, D.C. Region
JIM HARRICK on Marcus Williams of Connecticut: "Marcus Williams bailed them out tonight with 21 points, 4 rebounds and 6 assists. Some think he’s the best point guard in America."

Minneapolis Region
JIM HARRICK on Arizona coming out strong in the first half versus Wisconsin: "Well, they missed their leader last week. So they sat home and stewed before they came out of the gate firing. Their defense was great. Their hands on the ball, deflections, steals, fast breaks, dunks, 3-3 point baskets. Up 24. That’s the way you really envision your team playing."

JIM HARRICK on Arizona’s win over Wisconsin: "They controlled it whole game by pushing the ball up the floor. Great defense, deflections, fast break baskets, dunks and three pointers. And, they kept the offensive pressure on Wisconsin, always making them gets back on defense, pushing it, pushing it, pushing it Arizona style. And they played a terrific game."

JIM HARRICK on Arizona’s Hassan Adams: "He was really a catalyst in the second half, really helping them win the basketball game."

Atlanta Region
JIM HARRICK on Northwestern State’s first half versus Iowa: "They came out and they were a little sketchy. But their defense really got down. Hustling, rotating trapping. And they got out and got a couple fast break baskets, a couple medium range baskets and a 3-point shot. Got right back in the game. I’ve been impressed with Northwestern State."

JIM HARRICK: "Always worried about teams having heavy legs coming into the tournament in a game. I call it the four E’s; effort, emotion, enthusiasm, energy. You need it all in the NCAA tournament. But I don’t see that out of Iowa in the first half."

JIM HARRICK on Jermain Wallace of Northwestern State: "He’s got to be the player of the day. He had a great half. They’re down 15. He hits a 3 with 7:23 to go. And it just lifted Northwestern State off the ground."

JIM HARRICK on the Northwestern State seniors: "They believed that they could win the game. And those seniors band together and you saw them celebrating at the end. It was a historic win for Northwestern State."

JIM HARRICK on LaMarcus Aldridge: "He was big time tonight, Bonnie. LaMarcus Aldridge comes up with 19 points and 11 rebound, helped by PJ Tucker, 17 points, 11 rebounds. Too much inside play for Penn to overcome. The Ivy league, they just don’t have anybody inside who can handle those two guys."

JIM HARRICK on West Virginia’s Kevin Pittsnogle: "Pittsnogle took a vow last summer to improve his game and move inside, as well as out."

JIM HARRICK on Bradley coach Jim Les: "Jim Les, who’s a great 3-point shooter in his day, he’s transferred that to his players."

Perry Clark:

Washington, D.C. Region
PERRY CLARK on Michigan State’s struggles in the first half: "Well, Tom Izzo has really struggled with this team because of inconsistency on this defense. Tom Izzo’s team is known for rebound and defense. And this team just hadn’t done this game in and game out."

PERRY CLARK: "Jim Larranaga did a great job with his game plan. He used his quickness to beat Michigan State to the glass. And that’s why I believe George Mason was able to out rebound them 32 to 23, both on the offensive and defensive glass."

PERRY CLARK on George Mason’s strategy: "They brought the post guys out to set ball screens for their guards. And the Michigan State post people didn’t follow them out. The guards weren’t able to get in the lane and penetrate and dish to the big people or shoot 3 pointers. And that’s why George Mason was able to shoot 60 percent from the field and 41 percent from the 3."

PERRY CLARK on UAB’s "fastest 40 minutes in basketball" defense: "It’s like Time Square at 5:00. You’ve got people going all over the place."

PERRY CLARK on Tyler Hansbrough: "He’s played the way he’s played all year for North Carolina dominating on the inside. He took his time, read the double teams, found the holes in the zone, was able to step up and score 24 points and really pace North Carolina on a night where they really struggled offensively."

Minneapolis Region
PERRY CLARK on Ohio State in the first half versus Davidson: "This is a veteran basketball team. This is tough draw for Ohio State. Defensively they’ve done a tremendous job on Terrence Dials and Je’Kel Foster."

PERRY CLARK: "This was a tough game for Ohio State. Davidson was a veteran team. They took OSU out of some of the things they wanted to do from the perimeter."

PERRY CLARK on Terence Dials of Ohio State: "They got the ball inside to Terence Dials. He was able to get 19 points and get to the foul line. He really created a lot of problems for Davidson with his presence in the low post."

PERRY CLARK on Villanova’s Allen Ray: "Allen Ray had a tremendous game today the way he passed and shot the basketball and most of all, his aggressiveness in his play. A lot of times when you suffer an injury like he did, you lose some of your aggressiveness. He did not do that today. PERRY CLARK: "I love Jay Wright and this team he’s put together but I don’t think they played Villanova basketball today. Lawry did not shoot the ball very well. Mike Nardi did not shoot very well. They only had two assists. This is a team where the four guards live off of each other. They set each other up. And they play so well together. It wasn’t that today. Maybe it was the pressure of being number one, whatever it is I’m sure Jay Wright will address this as they move on.

PERRY CLARK on Rodney Carney of Memphis: "Rodney Carney was all over the place. He was finishing on the break with lay ups, short jump shots. He hit the offensive glass and was the leader for Memphis offensively."

Oakland Region
PERRY CLARK on Bucknell’s win over Arkansas: "They shot the ball extremely well today from a 3-point line. They shot 52 percent, making 11, 3-pointers. Also from the foul line they were 14 for 18. And that’s a great way to pace yourself to victory."

PERRY CLARK: "Pittsburgh is known as one of the best rebounding teams in the Big East."

PERRY CLARK on Aaron Gray of Pittsburgh: "Aaron Gray played one of his best games of the year. He had 17 points. He had 10 rebound and was totally dominant in the low post."

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