March 19, 2006

Host Bonnie Bernstein Alongside Former Coaches Jim Harrick and Perry Clark Give Sprint Customers News and Analysis from Second Round College Hoops Action

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CHICAGO — 03/19/2006

The following quotes were pulled from the Sprint Tournament Center’s coverage first round action of the men’s college basketball tournament in the Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, Atlanta and Oakland regions:

Bonnie Bernstein:

Oakland Region
BONNIE BERNSTEIN on Gonzaga’s balanced offense: "In the past when you were talking about the ’Zags’ in the NCAA tournament, part of their failure was because the games were essentially the Adam Morrison show. There wasn’t enough ball distribution and enough point production from people other than the Big Guy. I guess you can’t say that this time around because they had six players in double figures."

Jim Harrick:

Washington, D.C. Region
JIM HARRICK on Washington: "They came right at them. Just started driving the basketball right to them and went on a 17 to 2 run. They turned their defense up a notch led by Bobby Jones’ pressure on the ball. And they were just dynamite. The key of the game was they went 28 for 38 from the foul line because Illinois kept fouling them."

JIM HARRICK Washington’s Bobby Jones: "Bobby Jones is a long 6’5 athlete. They put him on Dee Brown and Dee really had trouble seeing over him. They stepped in front of Illinois three times for steals and just cut their head off. Then the body dies. You cut that point guard off and that’s what happens. Illinois only shot 2 foul shots in the second half. They only scored 9 points in the last 8 minutes."

JIM HARRICK on Washington’s Brandon Roy in the first half: "He’s really difficult because he comes off a curl screen, goes to the basket for a layup; he’ll break you down one on one; go right handed or left handed; he’s a medium range shooter; he’s got a 3-point shot; he’s got 12 points at the half. On the other end he rebounds, defends and takes charges. He’s a true leader of the Huskies and Illinois has to stop him to advance."

Minneapolis Region
JIM HARRICK on Wichita State: "Really well coached. They spread you out; they shoot the 3; they have some good inside players. Wilson and Miller are outstanding. They went 14 for 21 in the second half. But more importantly, 23 for 29 from the foul line. They kept getting fouled and going to line, making 56 percent of threes. They have nine 3-point baskets. Those Shockers were shocking today."

JIM HARRICK on Boston College’s Tyrese Rice: "He’s not a starter. But he comes in. He really gives them instant offense and great energy. Boston College is now gaining great confidence. They’re going to really be tough to beat down the stretch."

Atlanta Region
JIM HARRICK on Melchionni, McRoberts and Paulus of Duke: "Against Southern, the three complementary players only had 12 points. Today Melchionni, McRoberts and Paulus had 16 at half-time. Duke is a very fundamental team, a great defensive team. Real tough to beat them."

JIM HARRICK on Duke: "They are superbly coached and I think we all knew that. But I look at teams that are balanced and under control and Duke certainly is. A two-foot jump stop; the two-hand pass; the entry pass either over your head or below your knee into the post. Defensively, they have their fingers up; feet are moving; never allowing anybody to come into the middle. They drive outside and rotate over. And it’s a complement to Coach K, his team and his staff. That’s a well-coached basketball team."

Oakland Region
JIM HARRICK on UCLA’s defense: "UCLA plays a stifling man-to-man defense. Ben Howland loves to play man to man. They get in your face and really hawk the ball. Darren Collison on Ronald Steele is a great, great match up. Ron Steele is one of best point guards in America."

Perry Clark:

Minneapolis Region
PERRY CLARK on Florida’s Taurean Green: "His play is huge because he is the guy that handled the ball that makes the decisions. And he’s done a good job of not turning the ball over and giving easy baskets on the other end. And he’s also been involved in getting the ball inside. So I think his play has been huge as it’s been all year."

PERRY CLARK: "Billy Donovan has to love the way his team performed because they had balance, and I give Taurean Green a lot of credit for that. Corey Brewer led them in scoring with 23 and Joakim Noah inside really was dominant. I think those two working together really paced Florida to this victory."

PERRY CLARK: "I give Taurean Green a lot of credit because he had to control the tempo of this basketball game and not let Wisconsin-Milwaukee really get up and down the court and use their transition to their advantage. Tremendous win for Florida."

PERRY CLARK: "Billy Donovan loves this team. I talked to him on several occasions and I think one of the key things is Taurean Green. He was averaging 14 points coming into the tournament. In two games he only scored 14 points, but he set everybody else up. This is a very unselfish team. The post guys really do a great passing the basketball. It’s a fun team to watch."

Atlanta Region
PERRY CLARK on George Washington coach Karl Hobbs and his team’s performance: "Karl Hobbs has done a great job all year. He has to be very disappointed right now. He has a veteran team; they were in the NCAA last year; they went through the league schedule. Against a talented Duke team, they rushed shots; they never reversed the basketball, they never threw it inside, and didn’t throw it outside. They took the first shot that came along. They were never really on balanced. And even defensive they started off not keeping Paulus in front of them. Very, very impatient. Very disappointing for GW."

PERRY CLARK Texas A&M’s defense in the losing effort: "Texas A&M makes you play half court basketball. They don’t let you run and for Big Baby, they doubled down, forced the ball out of his hands. For Darrel Mitchell, they pushed up on him. They jammed the lane, tried to make the other Tigers step up"

Oakland Region
PERRY CLARK on Gonzaga defending Marco Killingsworth: "They’re doing a good job of doubling him and making him kick the ball out. With Robert Vaden being out, that’s one of their 3-point shooters gone and it’s really taken away from their ability to shoot the ball from the perimeter."

PERRY CLARK on Gonzaga’s balanced offense: "That was huge for Gonzaga fans because in the last couple weeks they have not been really getting that balanced scoring. And they got it today led by JP Batista with 20 points. You know Adam Morrison is going to get his, but with the other guys stepping up and making contributions, it just makes them even more difficult to guard. A tremendous effort by Gonzaga today."

PERRY CLARK on Gonzaga’s balanced offense: "In these situations you become a much more difficult team to guard. Indiana comes in; they’ve scouted you; they’re trying to take Morrison away. And then all of a sudden other guys started getting the ball in good positions and scoring in positions where you’re not used to. You wind up defensively being out of position and fouling, and Gonzaga did a great job at the line. That really was the difference in the game."

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